Snow Cat by Edward Kendrick

c4c66426aa137ba49c8752561a043119.image.300x450Title: Snow Cat     

Author: Edward Kendrick     

Genre: Paranormal     

Length: Novel (218pgs)     

Publisher: Silver Publishing (24th August 2013)    

Heat Level: Low – Moderate    

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3½ – 4 Hearts   

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: Wynn has a problem. An enemy wants him dead. Mick also has problems. Helping Wynn survive and finding the elusive ‘Snow Cat’. There’s another problem–their growing interest in each other, which may never have a chance to be fulfilled.

Artist Wynn McGuire has a problem. An enemy wants him dead.

Sheriff Mick Greene also has problems. Helping Wynn survive and finding the elusive ‘Snow Cat’ that is prowling outside his small mountain town.

Wynn and Mick have another problem as well–their growing interest in each other. When Wynn disappears, Mick is certain he’s either dead or has gone back to where he’d come from. Then he discovers the truth about Wynn, just days before Wynn comes back into his life. Will this truth, plus Mick’s ex-lover and another man seeking to kill Wynn, force them apart? Or can they surmount the obstacles and learn that love, indeed, conquers all.

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Review: Wynn is an artist who caught something on camera that places him in danger. On the run, Wynn takes shelter in a small town and becomes close with the sheriff, Mick, but Wynn has a secret to hide and when his enemy catches up with him he has to disappear. Mick was intrigued by Wynn and when Wynn disappears, he hopes the man will return, but when Mick discovers Wynn’s secret he isn’t sure if he ever wants to see him again. Wynn returns to the small town having been unable to forget the sheriff, but just as the two men begin to reconnect an ex-lover of Mick’s causes trouble, and another man seeks revenge on Wynn. Can Wynn and Mick overcome the obstacles in their path to be together or will their pasts overcome their love?

This is a great story that has a touch of action with a paranormal thread through it. Wynn is a great character who lands himself in danger by catching something on camera that could put an end to his enemy. Mick is the local sheriff who helps Wynn out when Wynn needs a place to hide. Both men find themselves attracted to the other and they mildly flirt with each other before Wynn has to leave. But neither man can forget the other and they reunite, but Mick has found Wynn’s secret and they have a slight confrontation. Danger still lurks for them though and comes from unexpected angles. 

Wynn and Mick’s relationship certainly has some ups and downs, it also has to overcome secrets and danger but they face it together and they make a wonderful couple. The storyline is really good and I really liked the simple shifter aspect; the story is of two men who both face danger falling in love and one of them just happens to be a shifter. The danger side of the story is great with it being kept pretty simple but happening a couple of times, the first time you know it is coming but the other two times it is unexpected and adds more excitement to the story. Wynn and Mick’s relationship is easy-going and nicely paced, they get to know each other before jumping into bed together and they are pretty hot when they eventually do. 

I recommend this to those who like facing danger, a cheeky snow cat, great sex, wonderful characters, a great storyline and a sweet ending. 


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