Steps to You by Toni Griffin

51GZqd908xL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Steps to You
Series: Fear, #1
Author: Toni Griffin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (172 Pages)
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books, LLC (September 26, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4.5 Hearts
Blurb: Is there something in life that you’re afraid of, like heart pounding, shortness of breath, Jesus Christ I’m going to pass out, scared? For Leo Harris that something is heights.

Why his nosy sister would gift him with a pass for the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is anybody’s guess, let alone expect Leo to make it through in one piece. If it wasn’t for the kindness of a sexy stranger he meets at orientation, Leo doubts he would have been able to step one foot onto the mammoth structure.

Ryan Anderson’s known as a workaholic, as he has no reason not to be, that all changes in one day when he meets Leo.

Ryan quickly falls head over heels as he sets out to make Leo his.

ISBN: 9781310239489

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: I came across Toni awhile back and I was always amazed by her gift at giving you a story. The way the characters come across and their stories always makes me wished I was with them. With my stories I must say that I love when there is some humor in it. It always makes a better book to me.

So when Leo sister gave him a pass to the bridge climbing, and Leo is scared of heights I wasn’t sure if my chair would hold me. Leo is afraid of heights, I mean terrified of them. He gets the whole effects added in. Heart pounding, palms sweating, trouble breathing and spots before the eyes effect. Now it isn’t really a sight you would want a sexy man to see. Especially if that man makes you feel similar effects but with a different outcome.

Hot and sexy is all I can say.

Ryan thinks working is all that is important. He changes his mind when he meets Leo and realizes that this sexy man not only needs his help but he turns him the hell on. Hot damn give me some more.
I must admit that if I had a sister that was the way Teresa did I think I would be an only child. Then you add in her husband and the whole family is wacked. I had a blast with this book and look forward to reading the next story.

Now to the other news about this story. It does come off a bit rushed and not finished though. That is the only part of the story that got me. It seemed a bit like it was not thought out completely or Toni didn’t put her whole heart into it. Now with that, for me I had a blast with it.

Toni never disappoints me in her books and I don’t expect that this series will be any different. It gave me almost everything I could want in a story and I would definitely recommend it.

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