Still by Mary Calmes

StillLGTitle: Still

Author: Mary Calmes

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (190pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (15th May 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: What happens when two men who have been together for seventeen years fall out of love? Sivan Cruz, a set director in San Francisco, and Walter Wainwright, a big shot Bay Area lawyer, find out the hard way. Walter loves Sivan with all his heart but rarely talks about it, and Sivan needs to hear the words. The language of the love they have shared for so long, that has enabled them to build a life together and raise two children, stops working. They become—still.

When Sivan asks for a divorce, Walter doesn’t know how to say no. They separate, but while Sivan sees the relationship as over, Walter sees only a temporary setback. He has never lost his passion for Sivan and decides he has to say something before he ends up loving his husband in silence for the rest of his life.

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Review: Sivan only sees that the relationship he has been in for 17 years has become stagnant. Deciding he has to let his husband go so Walter can find happiness, he asks for a divorce and begins to build a new life. Walter has too much pride to say no when his husband asks him for a divorce, but he never truly let’s go of the idea of getting Sivan back. But, convincing Sivan that he truly does love him is hard to do when Sivan refuses to really listen to what Walter is saying.

This is a great story of a well-established older couple whose relationship has fallen into a rut and one of the men decides the solution is divorce. Sivan needs to be told he is loved and wanted, and because he isn’t hearing the words he decides his relationship is over. Walter isn’t one to share his feelings; instead he shows his love with actions. But, when his husband asks for a divorce, instead of fighting for the relationship he agrees to the divorce. Both men try to move on, but Walter never gives up hope that Sivan will be his again. When Sivan has problems with an ex-co-worker, Walter swoops in to take advantage and convince Sivan of his love.

I really did enjoy this smooth story. Sivan is positive that because he isn’t showered with constant love and affection that his marriage is over. He really hasn’t got a clue how Walter really feels and instead of talking about it, he makes a decision for both of them. thinking he knows what is best. Walter is a great character. he is more of the strong silent type who is there when you need a rock. Sivan reminded me of an older slightly calmed down version of Jory from the A Matter of Time series. He needs reassurance that he is loved and when he isn’t reassured he acts thinking he knows best. Watching as Sivan finally comes around to the fact that he was all wrong is entertaining. seeing two men who have lost touch with each other open back up was really sweet and the sex they have is really steamy.

I have to recommend this to those that love drifting apart and reconnecting stories, rediscovering misplaced love, a touch of danger by a disgruntled ex-employee and a very happy ending.