Summerfield’s Angel by Kim Fielding

Title: Summerfield’s Angel

Series: The Christmas Angel 02

Author: Kim Fielding

Genre: Historical (1888), America’s, Holiday

Length: Novella (113pgs)

ISBN: B07K684L6C

Publisher: Kim Fielding (2nd December 2018)

Heat Level: Low – Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: After the hard winter of 1888 ended Alby Boyle’s work as a Nebraska ranch hand, he returned to New York City in search of his long-lost family. His mother and brothers are nowhere to be found, however, and after Alby’s years of absence, Five Corners no longer feels like home. His prospects seem as dim as the nighttime alleys.

When Alby pauses to admire an angel ornament in a department store window’s Christmas display, he meets Xeno Varnham-Summerfield. Wealthy, handsome, and enthusiastic, Xeno brings Alby some temporary cheer. But for Alby to achieve his dreams of love and a real home, well, that may take a bit of holiday magic.

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Review: Alby returns to New York City after a freezing hard winter finished the Nebraskan ranch he worked at, he’s decided to try and track down the family he hasn’t seen since he was thirteen but the building they used to live in is long gone.

When Alby pauses to admire a Christmas Angel in a department stores window he meets Xeno who offers advice, and when Alby keeps bumping into the man outside the department store Xeno makes his interest clear.

This is a wonderful little story that transports you to the streets of New York City in 1888, the setting is brilliantly described and you can immerse yourself in what life was like back then.

Alby is a wonderful character who is comfortable in himself and his skills, he might just be a ranch hand but he still manages to find a job working with horses with the help of Mr. Caruthers the manager of the YMCA. But it doesn’t stop him from being drawn to the department store and Xeno.

Alby is the focus of this story and we learn about his life from childhood to adulthood, you find out some interesting little tidbits about America in 1888, we root for Alby as he tries to find his family and hope that his families fortunes had turned and they were all okay.

While we find out a bit about Xeno it’s in short bursts and while he might come across as a bit forward (hell you don’t just flirt and compliment a guy in 1888), we don’t actually get what he was thinking or what signs he’d seen that would indicate that Alby might be amenable, he comes across as a man who knows what he wants and will aim to get it.

Other than not getting Xeno’s side of the tale I enjoyed this story and admired both men, their relationship is sweet and Xeno’s father very accepting for that time. That they could build a life together and have acceptance from those closest to them was just wonderful and leaves you with warm fuzzy feelings.

I recommend this to those who love historical romances, who adore characters who are interesting and sweet, and who adore happy endings.