Bonded 2 by Sara York

25831218Title: Bonded 2
Series: Bound in Love #2
Author: Sara York
Genre: Romantic Suspense/BDSM
Length: Novel (203 pages)
Publisher: Sara York (August 14 2016)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3 ½ Hearts
Blurb: Liam Muller’s passion for life, mixed with his abusive past created more problems than Greg Peterson could handle on his own. When the pair meet Chris Edwards, everything changes. Both Greg and Chris keep Liam even, but when Liam’s parents plot his kidnapping, Chris and Greg can do nothing to keep him safe without the help of Chris’s new friend, Agent Samuel Graves.

Samuel is all about the job, but he craves a connection like Liam, Chris, and Greg have. When Sam meets Hudson Radcliff, he’s thrown off balance with attraction. His normally cool demeanor is set aflame with lust and need. Hudson and Sam burn for each other, but their passion is tested when everyone is put in danger.

Chris and Greg fight Liam’s demons after they are reunited, but Liam’s parents won’t give up without a fight. Three men together may challenge people, but Liam, Chris, and Greg will fight to the end for their love

ISBN: 9781310277351

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: As we get older we realize things about ourselves that can be shocking. Sam sees the different relationship but the pure love between Greg, Chris and Liam. He realizes though he doesn’t really want two men he is ready to face facts he wants a real relationship. When he meets Hudson he finds out more and more about himself every time they are together.

This is a very good story about a man finding out  he likes to give over control at home to someone else. He deals with so much on a daily basis being a leader, he likes to submit and have trust in someone else. I find this highly relatable.

This story feels like two books in one since we start out with the ménage of Greg, Chris and Liam with the abduction of Liam by his family. This is where Sam comes in since he is FBI. They all become good friends. Then you have the story of Hudson and Sam’s new relationship.

There is a touch of angst and drama with the ongoing story of Liam’s parent’s and Liam’s emotional problems. There are lots and lots of hot sex. Just a little bit too much for me.

If you like FBI agents, angst, ménage and a lot of hot man-sex this is definitely for you.

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