Wings of Exile by Ellen Cross

91MKSkbb24L._SL1500_Title: Wings of Exile

Series:  Preternatural Rescue Centre, #10
Author: Ellen Cross
Genre: Shifter/Paranormal
Length: Novella (128 pages)
Publisher: Extasy Publishing (December 1st 2014)
Heat Level: Mild
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: Half an inch. Roman’s life has been taken over and destroyed by half an inch of poison-filled metal. Unable to deny the control Denzel now holds over him, Roman is no better than a puppet, controlled and used in however horrifying way the Shadowkin leader orders.

He longs for his freedom, an escape before he is forced to kill again, but without the ability to so much as lift a finger by his own choice, the most he can pray for is a merciful end.

Dorian is a Gregorian angel, tasked with witnessing the events of man, yet forbidden to interfere in any way. The consequences of breaking the Gregorian covenant are final, fatal, but something about Roman, the demon he finds imprisoned by the shadow elves, has him longing to break all the rules.

Torn between duty and what his heart is telling him is right, Dorian chooses to fall, to touch the demon regardless of what the consequences will mean. He knows he has made the right decision and will happily live out the rest of his life with his choice, for however short that now might be.

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Reviewer: Tams

Review: As a Gregorian, Dorian has been forbidden to touch. The consequence is death even as he knows it. But there is something about the demon he finds caged and abused by the Shadowkin that causes Dorian to abandon his oath and help him heal, help him escape. Once they are safely behind the walls of the compound, Roman expects Dorian to heal himself and is less than pleased when he learns the truth behind just that one touch.

Dorian has resigned himself to die while Roman refuses to let his mate wither away. The bond has to be mutual though, and while Roman wants Dorian, he will not force the mate bond on his angel. With a little help from the other Guardians and the threat of mankind being destroyed, Dorian finally figures out that what he could have with Roman is worth the risk, no matter how short-lived their love just might be.

The threat of the Shadowkin and their psychotic leader is stronger than ever in this latest installment of the Preternatural series. Denzel is certifiable, he bears no emotions anymore and cares not how many humans, or shifters die in his quest for power and domination. I am completely invested in this series and these characters, but there was a little something missing from this particular partnership. I didn’t feel the full connection I usually have with the various couplings, their connection completely forced to me, not just the bit of angst that surrounded their mating.

That being said, this is still a shifter series well worth your time and effort to immerse yourself in. I love the way Cross has connected so many varying characters and love stories and made them equal parts of a hole, a bigger picture in the end. With only a couple of bookret left until we finally find an end to all the madness, I am anxious to see if good will prevail in the end.

Definitely a must read series for shifter, paranormal and action/suspense fans, but it is also a must that you start at the beginning.

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Cole in His Stocking by Ellen Cross

19489026Title:  Cole in his Stocking

Series:  Preternatural Rescue Center 02

Author:  Ellen Cross

Genre:   Paranormal Romance

Length:  Novel (122 pages)

Publisher:  EXtasy Books (December 15th 2013)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: It doesn’t matter if he’s been naughty or nice all year. Adam’s stocking is still getting stuffed full of Cole, this Christmas.

The coming of age for any vampire is cause for celebration, a time when they first taste blood. For Cole, however, his twenty-fifth birthday brings a terrible choice from his father—either he takes the life of another to prove his worth, or he forfeits his own life. Cole chooses the only way his heart will allow, and pays the price with both his fangs and the rapidly mounting blood starvation that will slowly end his life, now that his body needs to feed, but cannot. He escapes, bleeding, barefoot, and wearing nothing more than a simple cotton sleep-shirt. With his father’s sentinels in pursuit, Cole soon finds himself half-frozen and unable to run anymore. The last thing he expects when he crawls into a dumpster to hide away for the last few hours of his life is to be rescued by a temperamental black cat and… Aww hell…his cherished one, Adam. How is Cole meant to blood-bond to the wolf hybrid when his time is fast running out, and he has no fangs to even try? He quickly learns his cherished is far more than he appears, though, and Adam’s friends at the Delta Rehabilitation Centre have even higher friends, with a score to settle with his father, of their own. It’s just a shame he won’t be around long enough to witness their payback.

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review: This is the second book in a series, though it is quite good by itself, you will have a better understanding of the Delta Rehab Centre and specific characters if you read Delta Blues first.

Adam is a half shifter/half-Wiccan hybrid who works as a healer for the Delta Rehab Centre. With Christmas upon him again, he decides to clean out his attack and throw away some of his deceased lovers old things. Soon after he stumbles upon an injured vampire, in his dumpster, wrapped up in the Christmas Stocking that he just threw away. Almost immediately, Adam realizes he’s in over his head and calls Grey, the leader of the DRC, for assistance. Grey notifies the Guardians that they have a dying vampire in need of assistance.

Cole is not only a full blood vampire, but also the son of a very dangerous man. On his 25th birthday, he is supposed to fulfill his destiny, drain a human, and complete the awakening, but he refuses. In retaliation for his insolence, his father removes his fangs. Without the ability to feed and complete the awakening, Cole will surely die from bloodlust. He runs and he is drawn to the dumpster by a scent, it reminds him of home and makes him feel safe, and this is where Adam finds him, wrapped up in the stocking.

Where shifters mate for life, vampires have a destined mate as well, their cherished one. When Cole refuses to let go of the clothing, Adam assumes that his dead lover Declan was Cole’s cherished one. The Guardians come when they are called and quickly decide they will have to take Cole back to their compound if they stand a chance at saving his life, and they bring Adam with them as well. Along the way, they learn that it is in fact Adam that is Cole’s cherished one. But time is running out for Cole. Can Adam and the Guardians find a way for Cole to feed and claim Adam? Or will Adam lose another lover way too soon?

I really enjoyed the first book in this series but felt it was too short and didn’t give me enough details into the world of the DCR. This book definitely made up for what was lacking! Grey, Law, and their mates make a guest appearance; but we get more detailed information about the DCR and the Guardians this time around. I love how Cross wove all the storylines together and added her own fresh take to the overrun genres of vampires and shifters. The Guardians in fact are comprised of a member from each supernatural race. Vampire, Shifter, Fae, Demon, Wiccan and so on.

I have high hopes for this series. Cross’s writing style and ability to capture valid emotions within her characters is very refreshing. And while I quite liked the shifters we met in Delta Blues, Cole and Adam have stolen the show for me! They are so sexy and loving and I cannot wait to see where their story goes. This book has a little bit of everything, every type of paranormal being, romance, action, and suspense. And the claiming, STEAMY!! Definitely recommend this sexy little read, but be sure to read Delta Blues (book 1) first.

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Delta Blues by Ellen Cross

4230deltablue510w-430x645Title:  Delta Blues

Series: Preternatural Rescue Center 01

Author: Ellen Cross 

Genre:   Paranormal Romance

Length:  Novella (101 pages)

Publisher:  Extasy Publishing (October 14th 2013)

Heat Level:  Mild

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb:   In a World where the Alpha are the law, Beta the order, and Omega the knowledge…the Delta have become the oppressed.

The night of Samhain is fast approaching, and for that one night a year, Gray and the last remaining Dire Wolves—amongst others—are entrusted with the protection of the veil between worlds, while it’s at its thinnest. Add in the threat of a new drug on the market, and they’ll have to work twice as hard to keep everyone safe. The last thing he needs is a sexy little Delta to save.

As a lowly Delta, Red Wolf shifter Ryan has never known peace. Cast away and unwanted, he is quickly taken captive and trained as a dancer at The Howling, a strip club in the worst part of Praeter. Hungry, abused, and kept in a drug-induced fog, his life is nothing. He is nothing but the orders and twisted demands of his captor. All that changes when he catches the scent of a wolf in the crowd.

Long ebony hair, eyes that can’t decide if they’re green or blue as they follow him on stage. Unable to stop himself, Ryan does the one thing guaranteed to earn him punishment. He touches the other wolf. Peace. For those few brief moments, the hunger, the pain, the torment…all gone. The price to feel that respite again, though, could very well be his life.

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Gray is a Dire wolf shifter and the Alpha of his group of wolves that protect the veil between our world and someplace dark and sinister. On the eve of Samhain, when the veil is most vulnerable, Gray stumbles on his mate in a sleazy strip club, The Howling. His attempt to focus on the task at hand, saving the world from pure evil, is muddled with his need to protect his mate.

Ryan is a Delta in a world where Alpha, Omega, and Beta are the top of the food chain. Delta’s are discarded, unwanted, and abused. But not this Delta, not anymore! Gray and his pack mate Law (short for Lawson) have found their mates in Ryan and one of his fellow Delta’s being held captive at The Howling. When Gray is captured and tortured by the sick son of a bitch that holds the Delta’s captive, Ryan’s instinct to protect HIS mate kicks in. Can Gray, Ryan, and Law escape The Howling? More importantly, how can they protect the veil when they are prisoners?

I loved the concept of this book, the characters, and the storyline especially that little twist with the threesome. The end felt rushed though. All loose ends were tied up, but I almost felt short-changed with the ending. That being said, this was still a fun read. Fast paced, action packed and sexy.


Wolf Sanctuary by Ellen Cross

91VHNKbE-XL._AA1500_Title:  Wolf Sanctuary (Sanguinary Seductions)

Author:  Ellen Cross

Genre:  Gay/Paranormal

Length:  Novella (34 Pages)

Publisher:  eXtasy Books (September 1st, 2013)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating:♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer:  Laurie

Blurb:  Pack Shaman and wolf shifter, Reece, has been mated to Sean for years. Even though their love for each other is true…there has always been something left unspoken, something missing between them. 

With Sean’s hybrid body warring between his vampiric thirst and his wolf’s need, he can’t believe it when the one thing he secretly wants yet can’t give his mate literally falls into his arms. How is he going to hold it together long enough to understand and accept the cost it brings, when all he can think about is getting five minutes alone with Reece?

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Review:  This was a first read for me written by this author. In addition, I found her world building to be exceptionally well done. Her character building is complete with both Sean and Reese being complex and well-rounded, as are the secondary character too.

Sean and Reese have been together for years and as gay male shifters, both have giving up the dream of having cubs of their own. So they are more than surprised when Reese’s spirit guide has him driving around in the dead of night, in a storm too unsettled to sleep and not knowing what he’ll find in the rain. Sean of course has gone along for the ride, he’s not about to let his mate do this alone. They are more than surprised when they find a pregnant bear shifter alone beside the road. Tehya is a Shaman too, and her guide has brought her battered body to the ones she must find.

What fate has in store for them is their hearts desire, a bear shifter cub, an adopted daughter. But, she comes at a high cost. They will have to love her, raise her and protect her from the ones who harmed her mother. Sean and Reese are more than ready for the challenge, because their world is now complete.