Sophomore: Undeclared by Daisy Harris

sophomoreundeclared_800Title: Sophomore: Undeclared

Series: Ivory Towers, Book #2

Author: Daisy Harris

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella

Publisher: Total E-Bound (July 19th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Graduation looms for Angel’s lover Shane. Neither guy wants to
break up, but in a world of temptation, Shane will have to fight to make first love last.

Shane is graduating soon, and when he leaves, he’s going to tear out Angel’s heart. It’s been more than a year since Shane laid Angel over a desk and changed his life, but with the end of the school year approaching, Angel sweats over what will happen when Shane leaves. Shane says he loves Angel…but only when they’re naked and panting…

Preoccupied with finding a job, Shane doesn’t know what’s got Angel so stressed, but when he gets an opportunity to go to New York to make one of his movies, Shane realizes just how badly his leaving will hurt his boyfriend. He wants to stay together—Angel is the best damn thing in his life. Shane knows all about temptation, though, and about how even the best relationships fall apart.

Time and distance, temptations and fears…Love may not be enough to keep Angel and Shane together. But first love is stronger than either of them realizes. Will it be strong enough to turn the jaded Shane into a believer, and to keep them together despite the odds?

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These books are best read in order, since they chronicle the evolution of one
couple through four years of college.

And Shane and Angel are back. Damn I missed them and I’m so glad that their comeback was just as good as the first book.

Here Angel and Shane have been together for over a year and the time for Shane’s graduation is approaching fast. Their relationship has slowly gone steady and solid, even if things still remain unsaid.

I think this couple had this particular problem from the start, they don’t communicate well and that makes for some frustration. So much trouble could be avoided, you know?

Anyway, while their relationship grows and their feeling along with it there is a whole different kind of tension lurking around and spoiling the mood. By spoiling, I literally mean it as some very hot and seriously sexy scenes were interrupted by Angel’s insecurities and fears.

The title says it all: Undeclared. Shane gets a job for next year on the East Coast and the things that have been left unsaid between the pair are making an appearance. Angel is not sure where they stand as a couple, if they’ll still be together, if that means they’ll break up, and being the little tongue-tied that he is he fails to broach the subject, instead venting a different way and causing unnecessary fights. As for Shane, he too doesn’t know how they’ll play out. Angel being a sophomore and glued with him from the beginning (not mentioning Shane being his first) has Shane thinking that his lover will be missing out, yet he doesn’t want to lose him. Still, right know Shane can’t see how they’ll work out what with Shane in New York and Angel still in California.

A weekend apart though solves all that for our couple. A bit of drama, a bit of angst and too much love make this lovely pair see a path and wave through.

So writing wise I liked it again. Nothing has changed from the previous book. The author still manages to take you with you and put you right in the middle of the story. The passion, the chemistry, the fears and insecurity of the young men are all felt and lived through the words written. And just like in the first book, their intimate scenes are so freaking hot, if  not better, I was bouncing on my seat waiting for them to come, while still enjoying the rest of the plot and not losing interest. I’m not big on drama, but the guys here were fortunately balanced on the, nothing over the top. It was one of my fears because Angel has a penchant for brooding and making a big deal out of things after having let them boil and boil.

Conclusion, this book was just what I expected it to be and thankfully, I was not disappointed. It was fast, it was fun, it had intensity, it was catching, and mostly it was an enjoyable light read. If you fancy any of the above, go ahead and grab it. Recommended.