Whistle Pass by KevaD

Title: Whistle Pass

Author: KevaD

Genre: Historical (1955) Americas

Length: Novel (206pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (26th February 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: On the battlefields of WWII Europe, Charlie Harris fell in love, and after the war, Roger marched home without a glance back. Ten years later, Charlie receives a cryptic summons and quickly departs for his former lover’s hometown of Whistle Pass.

But Roger Black isn’t the lover of Charlie’s dreams anymore. He’s a married, hard-bitten political schemer who wants to secure his future by destroying evidence of his indiscreet past. Open homosexuality is practically a death sentence, and that photo would ruin Roger and all his wife’s nefarious plans.


Caught up in foggy, tangled events, Charlie turns to hotel manager Gabe Kasper for help, and Gabe is intrigued by the haunted soldier who so desperately desires peace. When helping his new lover places Gabe in danger, the old warrior in Charlie will have to take drastic action to protect him… or condemn them both.

Purchase Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=2791

Review: Charlie rushes off to help an old friend when he receives a telegram with the words ‘Need You’ on it, when he arrives at Whistle Pass he finds that nothing is right, but with the help of Gabe he just might get to the bottom of it all. Gabe is a hotel manager he offers his assistance to Charlie and gets dragged into a situation that he never suspected and one that puts him in danger.

This is one of those stories that you really can’t fit into one category, thriller, mystery, suspense, drama because it has it all. Charlie figures out early on that someone has lured him to Whistle Pass for a specific reason but digging to the bottom of the mystery just seems to bring up more secrets and surprises, Gabe also discovers some disturbing news that has him doubting Charlie’s honesty and he is also threatened into betraying Charlie.

I really enjoyed this story, it’s well written, the atmosphere is brilliant and the characters come to life from Charlie to Gabe to Captain Tom to Lester each one adds great character to the book and they seem like genuine people. I found the twists and intrigue interesting and by the end I began to wonder how Roger and Dora kept things straight because honestly keeping track of who worked for whom and who was stabbing who in the back was mind-boggling.

I must admit I wished Gabe and Charlie had more page time together when they weren’t following people or trying to figure something out, maybe a bit of down time when they weren’t injured. They only get a few kisses but they still managed to fall in love, and both men were surprised when they realized that.

So with this story I will recommend it to those who like old-fashioned towns, incredible characters, a love that develops in strained times and some really imaginative ways of getting revenge.


Desire Damned by KevaD

Title: Desire Damned

Author: KevaD

Genre: Paranormal, Historical (1863)

Length: Short Story (37pgs)

Publisher: Noble Romance (24th October 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Satan wants the warrior Taka to bow before him. But Taka bows to no one except his gentle lover Har.

For thousands of years the two men have been doomed to a life of torment. While one walks the earth, the other suffers under the devil’s lash. Their only respite is an occasional night; a random, beautiful, love-filled night, knowing that with the dawn one of them must die in battle and return to Satan’s wrath.

On the war-torn fields of Gettysburg, the two lovers are reunited once again. But this time something beyond Hell’s reach has happened. Something so wondrous, Satan may finally get his wish.

Purchase Link: https://www.nobleromance.com/Books/347/Desire-Damned

Review: Taka will do what it takes to ensure Har doesn’t fall under Satan’s lash; just as he has countless times over the centuries.  He will endure anything that Satan dishes out if it means that Har is safe. Har has to die this time, he needs Taka to survive as there is now more at stake than ever before, but Taka is being stubborn.

This is a great paranormal historical that touches your heart at what these two men will go through for each other. They are bound to have a few short hours with each other during each war and then for each to suffer alone, one alive without the man he loves, the other being tortured by Satan but protecting the man he loves.

A well written short story that has a strong story-line and plot and also gives us insight into the characters and an astounding bit of emotion that makes this story seem longer than it actually is. The sex is hot, primitive and passionate.

So really I have to recommend this to those who love hot sex, paranormal, historical, a surprising twist and an even more surprising happy ending.