The Alien in My Kitchen by Jan Irving

Title: The Alien in My Kitchen

Series: Lightning Strikes 02

Author: Jan Irving

Genre: Contemporary, Science Fiction

Length: Novella (95pgs)

Publisher: Total E-Bound (30th April 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Mitchell Blake had given up on romance until a sexy biker shows up in his kitchen, claiming he’s an alien warrior sent to protect Mitchell from an assassin.

Mitchell Blake has given up on romance. At least the equations in his scientific experiments add up, unlike his charming, lying jerk of an ex. Nevertheless, he’s saddened when the guy he’s been exchanging glances with over lunch in the university cafe, brooding and darkly gorgeous poet Jaden Ross, is killed in a freak motorcycle crash…until Jaden shows up in Mitchell’s kitchen and tells him a crazy story that he’s been assigned as his unearthly protector.

Jaden is more than human. He’s a warrior from a galaxy far, far away and he’s not, unfortunately, just around to share his out-of-this-world body with Mitchell. Despite Jaden’s fear of appliances – they have moving parts and are very primitive – and his burning curiosity about human mating rituals, he is determined to keep Mitchell safe from the killer stalking him.

Reader Advisory: This series can be read separately as each story is unique.

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Review: Mitchell is shocked when his door explodes off its hinges and the man that he has just been told is dead is standing there saying he is there to protect him. ‘Jaden’ or rather the entity that is now Jaden is there to protect Mitchell, so Mitchell can make discoveries that will save ‘Jaden’s’ race. Together they have to fight the one who doesn’t want Mitchell to proceed with his discoveries and the two explore their relationship as well.

This is another tongue in cheek light-hearted read from Jan Irving. Mitchell is a geek, Jaden is a hot biker and they have made eyes at each other across the canteen. But, now EZ, Mitchell’s best friend, says he’s died.  But, Jaden then appears in Mitchell’s kitchen, telling him he is there to protect him. Jaden is an entity from another time and place, who has come to protect Mitchell from another entity. But, he also wants to bond/merge with Mitchell, but Mitchell is cautious.

I have to admit that I actually liked this book in a kinda goofy silly way. I liked the three main characters Mitchell, Jaden and EZ. I can’t say any of them were my favorite, because they all had their moments where they shined; Jaden with his being new to a human body and his reactions to arousal, Mitchell with his pure social cluelessness and EZ as the annoying female best friend. There are some parts that I had to read twice as I felt that I missed something, but other than that it was a light-hearted story.

There was a section that I found funny just because of the cluelessness of Mitchell “”Jaden Ross, the gorgeous, tall, dark and dangerous guy with the motorcycle and the tats. He was killed swerving to avoid a litter of kittens on the freeway into campus.”     “Oh” I decided it was better not say it seemed like a very worthy way to go. “Are they going to name one of the kittens after him?””

So I have to recommend this to those who want a light-hearted story, hot sex, a bit of danger, not a very strong story but fun and a happy ending.


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