The Alpha Heir by Victoria Sue

Title: The Alpha Heir

Series: Kingdom of Askara 02

Author: Victoria Sue

Genre: Fantasy

Length: Novella (160 pages)

Publisher: Victoria Sue (September 4, 2017)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Man and wolf. Sworn enemies in the battle for Askara. Can hate and betrayal ever lead to love?

Caleb Harken has spent six years wrongfully imprisoned for his father’s treachery. Tortured and reviled by the very wolf pack he should have been leading as Alpha, he is not surprised to learn he’s finally to meet his death at the hands of the human rebel leader, Taegan Callan.

Taegan gave up his dreams of a life-mate and a family after seeing too many humans butchered at the hands of the wolves—even if Caleb doesn’t seem to be the bloodthirsty savage he expects, and even if he starts to long for a different kind of future with the wolf.

Can Caleb become the Alpha he was always meant to be and lead his pack, or will he finally realize that winning his freedom means nothing when he has already lost his heart?


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Reviewer: Shorty

Review: I waited days to write this review and still can not figure out what to say. Why? Because it was that good and went in a direction I was not expecting after having read the first book. The first thing I loved was that an Alpha was the one suffering. Not that I mean I want to hear of anyone suffering but that usually in books it’s an omega.

Caleb in my opinion was strong despite the abuse heaped on him. It incensed me that he was treated that way at all due to what his father did and not him. I literally hated those who sought to take from him for their own gains.

Teagan was understandably leery of Caleb. His treatment of him was cruel at first. But once things came to light all that changed. Caleb and Teagan were a formidable couple.

I love this series despite it’s darkness at times. Highly recommended.

Post Author: Shorty Chelle

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