The Gallows Tree by RJ Scott

Title: The Gallows Tree

Author: R.J. Scott

Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal

Length: Novel (232pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (7th January 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Cody Garret arrives in England to restore Mill Cottage, but he’s actually come to heal. What he doesn’t count on are Sebastian Toulson-Brown and the destinies woven into the story of the mill, including the sycamore trees that surround it.

Cody Garret is only just finding his way after an abusive relationship ended with his ex in prison. Coming to England to restore Mill Cottage is his way of running so he has time to heal. His goal is simple—hire a company to help make the mill cottage saleable then go back to the States.

What he doesn’t count on is meeting Sebastian Toulson-Brown, the brother of his contractor and the man who may be able to show him he can stop running.

But first Cody and Sebastian must deal with the ghosts of lost loves and the destinies that are woven into the story of the mill and the sycamore trees that stand on its land, one of which might be the gallows tree.

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Review: Cody hasn’t come to terms with his past and now he is as far away as he possible can be from the man who haunts his life… sleeping or waking the fear is never far away. Sebastian is quite keen on welcoming the Yank into his village and with the teasing of his two brothers he finds he just might have a chance with Cody.

A really great story that brings together the past and the present while weaving a tale of hardship, fear, trust and love. When Cody starts to hear voices he puts it down to stress but when something appears before him he begins to think that he has lost his mind, with the help of Sebastian he starts to dig into village history only to find it might be the ancestors of not just his family but of Sebastian’s as well.

This is a great story as Cody learns to face his fears, learning to trust and falling in love with a man who would never hurt him. Sebastian helps Cody to put the ghosts to rest and supports him silently when he most needs it. The sex between them is touching and loving and the mystery surrounding the ghosts is… ha so not saying.

I will recommend this to anyone who likes any of the above and if you also liked the Fitzwarren Inheritance Trilogy then you will love this as it is in the same vein.

Portia’s Two Cents:   It’s rare when Pixie and I read the same books, and even rarer when we agree on a rating.  The Gallows Tree is a book we both loved.  I agree with her and just wanted to add my two cents.  Honestly, it took me a minute to get into this book.  We spend a lot of time, in the beginning inside, Cody’s head and a screwier place would be hard to find.  I only kept reading because I love RJ and trusted that she had a plan.  And what a wonderful plan. 

 The Gallows Tree is a typical RJ Scott angst filled drama, but it is also a brilliant thriller with a touch of the paranormal.  Definitely darker, than say, The Christmas Throwaway.  I feel like I’ve experienced a shift in the evolution of RJ Scott.  And I’m glad I kept reading.  It’s nice when a successful author takes chances. Churning out the same ole’-same ole would be easier…but, how boring.

 Not sure what the next RJ Scott release will look like.  Paranormal?  Sweet?  Romantic Suspense?  Who knows?  Frankly, I don’t care.  If she writes it…I will read it.  Full stop.



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