The Long Way Home by G. R. Richards

Title: The Long Way Home

Author: G.R. Richards

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short (33pgs)

Publisher: Amber Quill Press (Amber Allure) (18th December 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Nothing grabs a guy’s attention like the words, “We need to talk.”

For months now, Jordan and Faro have been at each other’s throats. Their long-term committed relationship is mired by petty arguments about anything and everything, but Jordan’s convinced they can make it past the holidays. After all, how heartless would a man have to be to throw his partner out in the street three days before Christmas?

About as heartless as Faro, apparently, who packs Jordan’s bags and puts him on the train to his mother’s house.

But there’s more love, more passion, and more compassion in their relationship than even Jordan had realized. What treasure awaits him when he arrives in his hometown for the holidays?

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Review: Jordan and Faro have been going through a rough patch when Faro utters the words “We need to talk”.  Jordan had been hoping that Faro would wait until after the holidays, but now he just collects his bags and doesn’t look back.

This story actually had me conflicted because Faro really came across as a real heartless b*****d and I still think he was.   As a matter of fact, if he had been my partner and he did that to me I’d have shoved the bear skin rug down his throat and told him to have a nice life as I kicked him naked out the front door. Jordan had some realizations on his way over to his mother’s but it wasn’t enough for him to be able to just put it all aside to cater to Faro’s whims.

The story-line had a good premise but I think that it was executed poorly.   The thought of fighting then make-up sex is as old as time, but sex then talking out your problems just doesn’t work.   And it doesn’t work here either.   as all this shows is that Faro is manipulative and loves to cause heartache before giving hope.

Jordan comes across as weak-willed when he gives into Faro.   And for really basically forgiving him for being a callous heartless man.  I would really have liked them to have a screaming row before they had sex at least to get some of the resentment out of the way.  Jordan was the saving grace in this story because of the way he just let his emotions rule him and the way that he agonized over what was happening with his relationship.

I will recommend this for the hot sex, the story premise and the ‘we will talk’ ending.




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