The Slave's Mask by Patricia Logan

Title:  The Slave’s Mask

Series:   The Masquerade Trilogy 02

Reviewer’s note:  This trilogy is comprised of three stand alone novella.  I have labeled them in chronological order only for clarity.

Author:  Patricia Logan

Genre:   Historical – Civil War era, 1863

Length: Novella

Publisher:  Silver Publishing (February 3, 2012)

Heat Level:  Moderate – Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥4 1/2Hearts

Blurb:  Infamous American blackguard and blockade runner, Captain Anthony Charles, has made a fortune in gold, running contraband between England and the Confederate States at the height of the Civil War in 1863. Anthony knows good brandy and fine cigars and his English clients appreciate him for it, but the captain also craves young submissive men. When he wins a young prostitute at an auction, Francois becomes his slave for seven days.

Francois has turned to prostitution to survive, but he is more than a whore. While most men who enjoy his favors treat him cruelly, he is stunned by this temporary owner’s kindness. Being a slave to this blue-eyed Master is no difficult task. Both men find that love may not be as elusive as they thought. Will the separation of oceans and time test their love or bring pain beyond bearing?

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Reviewer:   Portia

Review:  Anthony is a blockade runner, in London for only a short time.  He has a definite kink. He likes his lovers slender, young and submissive.  From the moment they meet, he knows that Francois will be perfect to satisfy his every sexual need.  Their first encounter was sexy and set the tone for the rest of the novella.  Anthony is the best kind of Dominant; forceful yet thoughtful.  Francois is fascinated with the sea-captain who masters his body without making him feel like the whore he is.

This is an excellent read, whether you are into BDSM or not.  There are different levels of bondage throughout the book, but it’s more about power and control than pain.  The Slave’s Mask is by far the steamiest of the Masquerade Trilogy.

But, it is also a beautiful love story.  Anthony does not even realize how lonely he is, until he meets Francois.  Francois has accepted his life in the brothel and has long ago given up hope of a better life.  What was supposed to be a week of carnal pleasure, morphs into so much more.

There were a few sections that I felt author rushed.  I would have liked to see more of the time while the men were apart.  But, that aside, I really enjoyed this book.  Highly recommend.

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