The Trouble with Trouble by Kathleen Lee

18232681Title:   The Trouble with Trouble

Author: Kathleen Lee

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short (39 pages)

Publisher: Kathleen Lee (July 23rd, 2013

Heat: Moderate

Heart: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts Liked it

Reviewer: Mandingo

Blurb: When trouble strolls in, common sense walks out.

After a lifetime of rejection by those he loved, Gary returned to the one place that once made him happy and resigned himself to a life alone. Opening his bar–aptly named ‘Trouble’–was his way of building a future and reminding himself, what he needed to stay away from. So when Trouble–AKA Brock–walks into his bar one night, he’s determined to keep his distance. No good could come from falling for Brock’s adorable smile and handsome face. Except, Brock seems just as determined to win Gary over, as Gary is to stay away. And when Gary realizes Brock may be the real deal, he must choose between protecting his heart or taking the ultimate chance on love.

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Review: This is a well-written short story. This is the story of Gary’s metamorphosis and Brock is the instrument for change. In 12,000 words, the author conveys how one man has deliberately chosen to hide himself away from life and how another man can open a window and allow him to see that his life can change.  Gary will need to get past himself and his own issues if he’s to find his HEA; and the author deftly demonstrates how Brock can show him how to do that.

Gary’s bar is a very apt setting for the tale and when the reader is introduced to Brock’s living situation, it is a foreshadowing of Gary’s impending character development and accepting the things that could change his life for the better. The conflict when it occurs is fitting, providing reader angst and changes the trajectory of the plot to bring about the final resolution to end the story.

All in all, this is a very satisfying short read.  Characters are as well-developed as they can be in a short story, great use of language and dialogue, nice descriptions and a HEA to leave the reader with a smile.

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