The Wish by Eden Winters

Title: The Wish (Second Edition)

Series: The Wish 01

Author: Eden Winters

Genre: Paranormal, Ghosts, Spirits

Length: Novel (210pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (20th July 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: At his death, Byron Sinclair left behind more than just his much older partner Alfred Anderson. The couple helped raise their respective nephews, and while Paul Sinclair and Alex Martin are now adults, they still have some growing up to do, particularly when it comes to getting along with each other.

If they refuse to be in the house at the same time, how can Alex be so sure Paul is an opportunistic suck-up with the morals of an alley cat? Paul isn’t impressed with aloof and arrogant playboy Alex, either. Both swear they know all they need to about the other–and about themselves.

Byron’s dying wish is for Alfred to help Paul and Alex see how perfect they are for each other. But when the boys stubbornly refuse to acknowledge what’s right in front of them, Byron must get creative – though it’ll be difficult without hands, or a voice, or a body….

First published January 2010 by Torquere Books

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Review: Paul and Alex are drawn together by Alfred (Alex’s uncle) upon the death of Byron (Paul’s Uncle), Alfred made Byron a promise before he died, that he would try to bring the two younger men together so that they could find the happiness that both he and Byron enjoyed. But, there is a problem; Paul hates Alex because of his playboy ways and for ignoring Byron as he was dying of cancer. Alex thinks that Paul is a gold digger who is trying to fleece Alfred. Byron decides to help the pair along from beyond the grave, but it is Alfred who gives them the push that they finally need.

This is the second edition of this title and there have been no changes made that I could find. Alex and Paul are both related to Alfred and Byron, and now that Byron is gone, it is time for the two young men to finally meet. It was Byron’s wish that they see how perfect they are for each other. But, this plan fails miserably, as both men have a set idea of what the other man is. It will take a miracle for them to fall in love and Byron is determined to make it happen.

Alfred and Byron have quite the love story and even with Byron being gone, it still lingers on and will bring tears to your eyes. You can understand why both Alfred and Byron want that same love for their nephews, but their way of going about it does make you smile. Alex really is the ultimate playboy and believes that he deserves everything that he wants because it is his birth right. Paul, on the other hand, has never expected anything from anything and wants to make it on his own; even turning down gifts and offers of help from his beloved uncles. When these two men finally meet it is a clash that we all enjoy.

This story will touch you, it will frustrate you with its characters, it will baffle you with its misunderstandings and it will make you smile with the love it is infused with. Both Alex and Paul will become dear to you, as they both become the men they were meant to be. Alex has a lot further to travel on his journey than Paul does, and it is a journey that isn’t always perfect. As Alex realizes exactly what type of man he really was. You will love both Alfred and Byron, even though Byron is a cheeky spirit, and Bernard (the butler) will also briefly touch your heart, he is so sweet.

I will recommend this to those who adore true love stories, interfering spirits, two determined young men, a new love that develops from unmitigated grief and the beginning of a new true love story, oh yeah there’s some really hot lovemaking involved as well.

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2 thoughts on “The Wish by Eden Winters

    Doug Starr

    (August 9, 2012 - 7:49 pm)

    Great review for a great book

    PD Singer

    (August 9, 2012 - 10:12 pm)

    I certainly enjoyed this one, glad you did too.

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