The Wrong Impression by James Ryder

Title: The Wrong Impression

Series: The Right Kind Of Wrong 01

Author: James Ryder

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short (65pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (9th June 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Ben Garrett might have got it wrong about his former High School bully, Corey Donovan, who now regrets the past and wants to be friends. But when sexual attraction shatters their tentative truce, Ben wonders if the wrong impression might have been the right one after all.

Getting roped into writing essays for his former High School bully is the last thing Ben Garrett anticipated doing at college. Corey Donovan is an arrogant, privileged jock. And to make matters worse, he’s hot as hell!

To Ben’s surprise however Corey wants to be friends…and possibly more? Corey’s killer smile and charismatic seduction is impossible to resist. Did Ben get it wrong about Corey? After all, people change, don’t they?

But their night of passion comes at a high price. Corey is nowhere to be found and Ben might just have landed himself in a whole lot of trouble with Corey’s homophobic frat brother, Teddy Hayman. Was Ben’s wrong impression the right one all along?

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Review: Ben is unhappy when he is roped into doing Corey’s college work, because Corey made his life a living hell in high school. But, now Corey claims to be sorry for how he treated Ben, in the past. But, after a night together, Ben is sure he was right about Corey being an asshole in the first place. Can both Ben and Corey find a way forward? Can Corey admit the truth to himself? And can Ben forgive Corey for his actions?

This is a pretty ugly enemy to lovers to enemies to friends’ story. It gives it to you in the bare truth without a pretty ribbon and it leaves you wondering if Ben actually has any sense at all. Ben is pressured by his best friend to help out the newest jock. He’s not happy about it and is furious when he finds out which jock it is. But, he grits his teeth and accepts it or tries to. After a night of passion with Corey, he accepts that he had the man all wrong, but the next time they see each other Corey makes a nasty accusation. Corey is confused and torn apart about how he is acting, but he has an image to uphold and the realization that he could be gay shakes his very foundations.

Okay. So, being honest, I didn’t like Corey at all and found it very hard to believe that Ben would sleep with him given everything that Corey had done to him in the past. Yes, I know people change, but Corey’s actions showed that even though he said the right things, his actions proved to be much louder than the words. Ben admits to himself that he is attracted to Corey, even though his behavior disgusts him. But, even he falls under Corey’s spell. So Corey might be scared that people will discover who he really is, but in my eyes that doesn’t excuse his actions. It sickened me to read what he said about Ben and Ben sickened me later just by accepting Corey’s apology yet again. And, you really don’t want to know what I think about a best-friend who would pressure a friend into doing something they didn’t want to do, just so that they could get in good with the jocks.

So, if this story left me feeling like this then why the 3 Hearts? because it’s a good storyline and plot, because there are real situations and relationships in the real world that started out just like this, that there are boys/men who are so confused about their sexuality that they have treated other people like this, and maybe regretted it for the rest of their lives, that there are boys/men who have been treated badly but have forgiven their tormentors and even found love with them. Who am I to judge who they should forgive? Who am I to judge their actions? Just because I didn’t like the by-play doesn’t mean you won’t like it.

So, if you like enemies to lovers, a maybe relationship, peer pressure, standing up for yourself, doing the right thing and a blossoming of something new, then this is the book for you.



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