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Hi guys, we have Rebecca James stopping by with the tour for her newest release Third Mate, we have a brilliant guest post, a great excerpt and a fantastic giveaway! So check out the post and enjoy! <3 ~Pixie~

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Third Mate

(River Wolf Pack 03)

Rebecca James

After the birth of River and Josiah’s twin girls, pack tensions increase. The presence of rogue wolves, females, and humans have many pack members uncomfortable. In exchange for Leo’s help, Stone offers Leo the position of second alpha should Stone succeed in usurping River. Leo’s conflicted between his desire to rise in the pack, his dislike for Stone, and his increasing feelings for both Sam and Foster.  Sam and Foster are best friends, but as a coyote shifter, Foster yearns for his true mate and doesn’t believe he will find him if he stays with the werewolves. Jax knows he must make a difficult decision before he’s turned out of the compound. When David finds out Brooks is considering mating Stone, he determines to stop it. The Angel Hills pack offer a deal in exchange for omegas for their pack.

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Rebecca James!

A little about the world of my series and why I made it this way.

I’ve been told this world I’ve created is unique. I think a lot of wolf shifter books take place among the human world. I wanted to have them live separately, not in a world where humans are alpha, beta, or omega. I also wanted to create a purely male society. Why? Well, for a couple of reasons. First, the obvious—these are m/m books, and what do I need women for? Second, it makes an interesting contrast to the human world. Just one more difference between them, and for Josiah Kimbrel, a young man just realizing his sexuality, the homosexual, polygamous werewolves are fascinating. Third, it’s one more thing for most of the humans to dislike about the werewolves.

I thought it would be cool to have a human/werewolf congress that attempts to smooth over relations between the two species before things get too hot between them. The wolf shifters have a lot of land, and some humans question how they get along so well financially. Josiah is a representative of the congress that comes to spend a month with the werewolves. Little does he know that he has some werewolf in him himself. And not just werewolf, but omega werewolf.

The werewolves live simply compared to the humans. They have running water, but it isn’t hot, as wolf shifters are hot-natured. There is no electricity. Their homes are blended into the natural atmosphere—in trees and the sides of mountains, etc.

River is the pack alpha. His father was the pack alpha before him. Any alpha can challenge River for his place in the pack at any time. They would fight to the death unless one of them backs down. Pack alphas have a second and a third in command. River’s are David and Malcolm, respectively. River Wolf Pack happens to have more omegas than any other wolf pack in the United States. Omegas are prized, and they have their own den in the compound for when the unmated omegas go into heat and need to be sequestered away from alphas who can’t resist the scent they put off. The den is run by the first omega of the pack.

The pack is social and has a dining hall where they usually share lunch and dinner together. Each werewolf serves the pack in his own way. Betas do well at most things because they are level-headed and not affected by the omegas’ charms. Betas can have one child and omegas can have multiple children. Alphas can only sire children, not carry them.

The River Wolf Pack commune is nestled in the beautiful Smoky Mountains close to the Cascade River. They stay to themselves as much as possible, but sometimes they must venture into the city to trade gold for money and buy supplies. They are not identifiable as werewolves to the humans, but the humans’ prejudices stem from rogue werewolves who roam around packless and sometimes scrounge in human trash, and from the Turned—werewolves who were bitten without their consent and have become feral and dangerous to both humans and other werewolves.

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Stone’s sharp, deep voice cut into Leo’s thoughts, and he turned his attention to the front where the contentious alpha had already begun arguing his points.

“…no place for females. Do they even have any werewolf in them?”

“Of course they do; they’re mine. They are developing as quickly as any werewolf child.” River said more calmly than Leo would have under the scrutiny of so many condemning eyes.

“But have they shifted?” someone asked.

“Not yet. You know as well as I do that they could be a year old before they shift.”

If they shift,” Stone muttered. “And most do by seven months.”

“If they don’t shift,” someone else said, “they aren’t werewolves. They’ll have to leave.”

“They don’t belong here.” Stone stood, feet apart and hands on hips. Justin, Stone’s pregnant omega, cowered in submission at the sound of Stone’s displeased voice. His three beta mates sat with eyes downcast, although Leo saw Canaan glance up more than once. There was something shrewd and calculating about Canaan, and although Leo felt sorry for him after his son was killed, it didn’t make it any easier to like him.

“As my children, they certainly do belong here, as yours do, and the progeny of everyone else present,” River said, tone brooking no argument.

Stone made a frustrated sound and looked around, eyes landing on Griffin, an alpha of Stone’s age.

Griffin stood. “Your own father drove your mate’s father from the pack for having relations with a human female.”

“My father did not drive him out. Derrick was punished—told he couldn’t leave the compound. But he ran away.”

“This is true,” Old Ben called out.

“The fact remains that Thorn did not approve of the boy’s actions,” Griffin argued. “He didn’t invite Derrick to bring his female lover into the pack because females don’t belong with werewolves.”

“I don’t know what you’re getting at,” River said with a sigh. “I am not attempting to bring a female among us. My daughters were born to me, and are therefore a part of this pack.”

Before Griffin could speak again, Stone interrupted. “Which wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t mated with the half-human, which you did without consulting the pack.”

“Josiah is a werewolf,” River said. “And I do not need to consult my pack before mating.”

Half-werewolf,” Stone corrected. “Unlike someone who willingly takes the bite and transforms, your mate will always be part human. Which is why he spawned twin abominations—”

In two steps, River crossed the room and had Stone’s neck between his hands, thumbs cutting off the alpha’s air flow. Leo glanced at the humans. Several flinched, and others looked horrified.

“Don’t you ever,” River breathed heavily into Stone’s purpling face, “ever speak of my mate or children in that manner again. Am I clear?”

Stone’s eyes bulged and his mouth gaped as he tried to dislodge River’s grip. Leo stood, along with the other alphas in the room. As pack alpha, River had the right to kill Stone for such an insult, and Leo found himself almost hoping River would. He got the feeling Stone’s mates felt similarly.

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About Rebecca

Rebecca James has written all her life, mostly to entertain herself and friends. An English major, she currently writes as a second job but would love to do it full-time. Her first book came out in October of 2015. Since then, she’s written both contemporary and paranormal and hopes to put out a sci-fi book soon.

She’s fortunate to have a husband who supports her in her writing career, three wonderful children, and a rat-terrier.

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