Three Fates by Andrew Grey, Mary Calmes and Amy Lane

Title: Three Fates

Author: Anthology – Andrew Gray, Mary Calmes & Amy Lane

Genre: Shifter, Contemporary, Paranormal

Length: Novel (320pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (27th July 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: For time immemorial, the goddesses of fate have decided which human threads will shine and which will be cut short. But even the fates have off days.

Fate Delivers a Prince by Andrew Grey

Finding love shouldn’t be that difficult for a diplomat’s son, except Cheyenne is part of a grand tradition of werewolves, and a werewolf with a skin condition needs more help than most mortals. When Chey meets the prince of his dreams, it takes Clotho’s intervention to keep him from letting go.

Jump by Mary Calmes

When two lovers die, their threads of life are collected instead of scattered, as one of them was the brother of a god. Can the fates reunite two lovers whose threads should have twined together for eternity? Or will Cassidy allow Raza’s interest to pass his pale, mortal self by?

Believed You Were Lucky by Amy Lane

The gods’ meddling isn’t always welcome. It’s given Lief good luck but poor fortune, and Hacon a family curse he’s lived in fear of all his life. But when Lief’s good luck saves Hake’s life, Hake has to reevaluate everything he’s ever believed about luck, life, and love.

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Review: Well readers you are in for a treat with three wonderful stories from three wonderful authors, with three slightly different sets of Fate that include Greek, Egyptian and Norse mythology.

Fate Delivers a Prince by Andrew Grey

Cheyenne is a werewolf who has a skin condition, he’s picked on by his brothers and his father has a hard time with him being gay. When he meets his mate Arthur, he is happy but there is a problem. Arthur is a human Prince and is expected to have an Heir. Arthur has a secret of his own, he knows more about werewolves than Chey thinks and knows that it will work out with Chey, but he wants to get to know Chey better before being claimed. But, Chey overhears a conversation he shouldn’t have and reacts badly and Clotho’s has to step in.

This is a sweet story that has misunderstandings, sweet loving, forgiveness, and interference from the Fates, a father who has difficulty accepting his son has a male mate, a mother who puts her husband in his place and two young men who love each other. A story to shake your head at, as Chey has to decide if he is going to fight for what he wants. It’s a story to smile at, as finally he comes to his senses and pursues Arthur, and a story to grin at as Arthur turns the tables and gets the wolf he deserves.

Jump by Mary Calmes

When a pair of lovers is ripped apart, Anubis makes a deal with the Fates to ensure his brother Horus and Cassius are entwined in future lives. Cassidy has the sight, he can see a short way into people’s lives, and one night when he is out drinking with friends he ends up saving Raza’s life. Raza is fascinated by Cassidy and doesn’t want to let him go. But, his time in Chicago is coming to an end and he has to convince the man he wants to come with him after his secrets are revealed.

This is another wonderful story from the Queen of feel good love stories. A beautifully written story that draws Raza and Cassidy together, two souls torn apart but now reunited. But, Cassidy has decisions to make as Raza has no choice but to leave Chicago. He has too many enemies and is too well-known to have a normal life. So Cassidy has to make choices he isn’t sure he is ready to make yet, but he also has to keep Raza alive, when his sight shows him that he is in grave danger… yet again.  So we have two wonderful characters, a wonderful love story, really hot sex and a very happy ending.

Believed You Were Lucky by Amy Lane.

The god, Loki, messed about with Fates threads and now the Fates have to fix what he has broken. But, it isn’t without its consequences. Lief and Hake are two opposites, Lief has luck, while Hake has a curse, but when they collide Lief’s luck just might have rubbed off on Hake.

This is a slightly stranger story, as we have interludes of the Fates and gods as they watch over the two men, Lief and Hake. Lief and Hake are complete opposites in every way. But, when they collide and Lief ends up accidentally saving Hake’s life, they become involved and their threads become entwined. Both characters are great in their own right, but together they are perfect. The storyline is really good and I loved the secondary characters. They brightened up the story and added a bit more depth. This is an enjoyable mystery with interfering Fates and gods.

I recommend this anthology to everyone who loves the Fates, gods, love stories, hot sex, three wonderful stories, three great couples and three very happy endings.



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