Three-Man Advantage by Ariel Bishop

Title: Three-Man Advantage

Series: Tripping 02

Author: Ariel Bishop

Genre: Contemporary, Sports, Ménage

Length: Novel (182pgs)


Publisher: Ariel Bishop (6th June 2018)

Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3 ½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: He can’t choose…

Leadership and setting an upstanding example are everything to Wisconsin Wendigos captain David Dickson. On ice, he’s got it all together. Off ice? Not so much. For years he’s been pining for not one, but both of the loyal alternate captains who’ve stood by him through thick and thin. 

They’ve always had his back…

Sasha Ivanov and Bo McAllister have always seemed more into each other then into their captain. But when the stress of the season starts affecting David, they’re more than willing to step up and help him deal with it–by whatever means necessary.

He can’t resist…

When Sasha and Bo offer him everything he’s been wanting, David can’t say no, even though he knows it comes with an expiration date. But the more he finds himself fitting into their life, the more he wants what he knows he can’t have.

Can Bo and Sasha find room in their hearts for one more person? Will David let them bring him into their life? Or are these captains doomed to remain just teammates?

Find out in this steamy sports romance novel, featuring a team captain who’s too stubborn for his own good, a defenceman with a heart of gold, and a goalie who never has a problem using his words.

Three-Man Advantage is a standalone romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger! Also includes a sneak peek at Holding, Book 3 in the Tripping series, coming in October 2018!!!

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Review: David is the captain of the Wisconsin Wendigos ice hockey team and he has it bad for both the alternate captains, defenceman Sasha and goalie Bo, who he thinks are in a relationship together. He longs for something with either one of them and when they make him an offer he can’t refuse all he can do is try to protect his heart.

Sasha and Bo have both noticed that David is extra anxious as the season progresses and decide to try to ease some of the tension. But Sasha soon realises that it just might be more than just helping out their captain for all three of them. Bo is determined to make his captains life easier, and sexing up the man is a bonus but when he gets the idea to find David his own boyfriend he soon realises that maybe his feelings for David have changed.

This is a great little story of a ménage romance developing into love. David, Sasha and Bo are three great characters, they fit together perfectly and you can see how they easily slide from friends into lovers. Sasha is a very perceptive man, he realises before any of the other just ow they all feel for each other and instead of trying to force the other two into recognising the feelings, and he has the patience to wait for them to realise it themselves.

Bo is quite a character, cheeky and loveable, he’s so desperate to make sure David is relaxed and not snarling at the team, he opens his bed to David not realising that he has also opened his heart.

David so desperately wants something special in his life and his attraction to both Sasha and Bo causes him some conflict. Getting involved with both of them might end up being a problem when he realises how deeply he feels for them but he can’t deny himself the joy of being with them.

This is a great story but I did find it jarring at first as we are plunged straight in without the characters being introduced (you know their descriptions and what positions they play etc), I just found it really jarring as though the author just expected me to remember them from the first book *shrugs*. The writing style is pretty easy to fall into although at times it felt slightly stilted but those moments are few and far between.

The characters are entertaining and likeable, you get pulled into David’s, Sasha’s and Bo’s lives and relationship from the start and you do hope that they realise without too much heartache how much they mean to each other.

I recommend this story to those who love ménage romances that feel fated, who adore great characters, love hockey and sexy men finding their happily every afters. 

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