Trapped in Oz by Andrew Grey ~ Audiobook

Title: Trapped in Oz

Series: Tales from Kansas 03

Author: Andrew Grey

Narrator: Rusty Topsfield

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 3 hrs, 38 mins

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (23rd August 2017)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Martin Long has plans and dreams, but they are derailed when his parents move and must sell their house. In need of a place to stay, fast, he answers an ad for a roommate, and even though the house needs work, the owner seems nice so Martin agrees to move in.

Gary Hunter is barely making ends meet, with mysteriously disappearing tips at work and tuition to pay. Disowned by his family and left with a house in need of repair, Gary desperately needs the extra set of hands along with the money.

When Gary confesses that his family disowned him for being gay, Martin makes his own confession that opens a world of possibilities. But Gary has paid a heavy price for being who he is, and Martin’s unwillingness to open up to his family puts strain on the fledgling relationship.

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Reviewer: Prime

Review: I love a good Andrew Grey book (to prove it, I have 18 books on Audible and all his books in ebook format), which is basically any book the man writes, and Stuck in Oz is no exception, so I’ll keep this to the point. Grey is brilliant at writing heartfelt stories, that of course include a beautiful romance, that is gentle, relatable and believable. His characters are down to earth, and everything just works. He also tends to add children into the story which takes heartwarming to a whole new level,

Narration for this story was done by Rusty Topsfield. He has narrated as number of the Dreamspun Desire imprint that I could basically eat up for breakfast if it was a foodstuff. I really liked Topsfield’s voice and the tone that he lent to the character. He nailed the performance in for the entire Tales from Kansas series.

Trapped in Oz is the third and final book in the Trapped in Oz series, and it is honestly just as excellent and enjoyable as the first two. One of the best part of this series in general that these aren’t cookie cutter plots – all the same with different characters and slightly different plot line. The stories are very different and generally just wonderful with incredibly sweet stories and relatable characters.

Tapped in Oz is the romance between Martin and Gary. Martin finds himself quite suddenly in need of a place to stay. His parents are selling the family home and moving away, which leaves Martin in a spot of desperation. Gary is basically the answer to Martin’s prayers. Martin is struggling, his family have disowned him, he needs to make more money to maintain upkeep on his house. The two guys hit it off and they have some incredible chemistry. However, the problem is that both Martin and Gary need to come to terms with who they are and where they are in their lives before making their relationship a forever thing. Gary has done a lot more growing than Martin off page before the two met, but it was great to see how both characters grow and develop before coming to the inevitable HEA,

This is an unmissable Andrew Grey book that I can’t recommend strongly enough.