Unsuitable Omega by Skye R. Richmond

Title: Unsuitable Omega

Series: Billionaire Alphas 01

Author: Skye R. Richmond

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, MPreg

Length: Novel (196 pages)

Publisher: Skye R. Richmond (November 5, 2018)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Blurb: Nickolas 

As the first son of a wealthy family, there are expectations. He has to marry the right omega, and have blue-blooded children. Nickolas is prepared to do his duty until an encounter with an omega, so far from his world, changes everything. For the first time, he’s met someone who sees him and not his wealth but can love overcome years of duty and expectations?


What is an omega to do when he is alone in the world? Survive of course. Jaimie leaves his small town for the city and for the first time in his life he gets to be young and free. But, no one has told him the consequences. Now he’s pregnant by a man who thinks he’s only good for one thing. Jay is proved right when he discovers that the alpha intended to save marriage and children for an omega who is more suited to his wealth and status. What is an omega to do when he’s pregnant and alone and not sure he can trust his alpha? But now he has no other choice and only one person he can turn to.


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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Nickolas wanted what his grandfathers had, a marriage that was filled with love and laughter. However he thought he would never get that and did what his parents wanted. He was engaged to an ass, or should I say an stuck up omega. Their kind married for money and Nickolas was about to do that. That is until he noticed a cute red head who just made him loose his mind. One night and well you can guess what happened. To bad he was engaged to another and the omega that wanted him just found out. He was going to get his ass kicked.

Jaimie just wanted to do his job but so far knocking over the coffee in a meeting is not a good sign. His trying to make up for it got him a hot night with an alpha that made him want for more. To bad his alpha is getting married. One shock isn’t enough, well how about finding out he is pregnant….with twins!

I will say that when I first started reading this story I was about to say hell no. The alpha was engaged and sleeping around, that is not a story I want to read. They might not have a love relationship, but no cheating what so ever. However I decided to stick it out, cause lets face it Jaimie is a doll. He was a kick ass little omega who is not going to put up with any of his alpha’s shit. I got a kick out of him. However the alpha ended up being a good guy and I had a blast reading their story.

The story was engaging, enticing and quite fun to read. The characters were like any other alpha and omega pair but their story was unique in a way. Now I will admit that I am not a fan of alpha and omega’s that don’t shift, but it was still a pretty good story. That being said the story itself might be unique but it is also used quite a bit, so no big surprises there. What is unique was the way they were together and their actions were a bit more fresh then most. I can’t guarantee that this is one of those stories that will be read more than once, but it is still early on in the series. This author was new to me so I wasn’t to sure what to expect but was surprised in the end.

I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the next story. I will be checking out this authors other work to see what there is out there.