Up in Flames by S.C. Wynne

51okl-oVrCLTitle: Up in Flames
Series: N/A
Author: S. C. Wynne
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (106 Pages)
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing (September 30, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Blurb: Avery Syracuse is a New York transplant with the Skeenville Fire Department. He’s a little rough around the edges, but loveable and loyal. Down on his luck in the romance department, he could use some help with the bills and is looking for a roommate when Luke Turner arrives.

Luke is one of the best firemen Avery has ever seen, and it doesn’t make sense for Luke to be wasting his time in Skeenville. The two men have an instant connection both men know is worth exploring. As they set about igniting the fire between them, at home, at the station, up against the engine—it really doesn’t seem to matter—a connection far deeper than physical begins to emerge.

However, these two men are going to have to trust each other enough to move beyond old hurts and buried secrets if they want to maintain a partnership—both at the station and at home.

ISBN: 978-1-41999-358-9

Product Link: http://www.ellorascave.com/up-in-flames.html

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This is a very compelling story that just grabbed my attention from the start. It is a fascinating story that I wished was longer. I want to know more about Luke and Avery, what their future will be like. It is as if I was just teased with this story. It left me hungering for more than just this little taste.

Avery had just broken up with his boyfriend of six months for cheating on him. All he wanted to do is to forget, the problem was that they hung out at the same bar. Avery is a fire fighter and his looser boyfriend was a cop. However walking in to see his men, he ended up meeting the newest member of the team. A gorgeous man, Luke had a past that would bring anyone down to their knees. Avery has his work cut out for him, if he is going to see what they have between them. Cause let me tell you, these two are hot and very tempting.

I am not really sure about how it is to be gay nor male, but I have a problem with the fact that a straight man all of a sudden wants a man. It seems a bit strange for me. However it didn’t side track me one bit from this book, and in fact made it even spicier. To know that Luke is about to have sex with a man for the first time is very hot.

I would recommend reading this story. It gave me everything I could want in it. Gorgeous men, sexy fire fighters, a bit of anger and pain, dangerous situations and some hot sex. What could be better than that?

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *