Vertigo by Michael Mandrake

Title: Vertigo

Author: Michael Mandrake

Genre: Paranormal, Historical

Length: Novella (96pgs)

Publisher: Renaissance eBooks Inc. (Sizzler Editions) (20th January 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: After losing his lover to mental disorder, Dr. Hayden Curry throws himself into work, silently wishing he could experience something extraordinary in love. He finds his match in David, a creature Hayden revives after discovering him and hauling him back to his lab. Upon awakening, David asks Dr. Hayden’s help in discovering more about himself. Hayden agrees but senses secrets in David. Will he get to the bottom of things and be able to continue the special relationship he and David have, or will the secrets that come forward tear them apart?

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Review: Hayden is called by the police to help to identify a mysterious half-man, half-beast, but when he gets it back to his laboratory he makes a startling discovery. David is the creature that Hayden revived and he has an ulterior motive for being there.

This is quite a strange paranormal story. Hayden is still missing his lover who is locked away in a mental institution when he inadvertently revives a beast-man.  it is the beginning of a complex relationship where David keeps secrets from Hayden and Hayden is steamrolled into a relationship. I am not really sure how to feel about this relationship as it was based on lies and half-truths and I was expecting Hayden to be a much stronger character.

David is far more than a shifter; although we don’t get the full truth for some time and he also seems to be slightly unbalanced, although that could just be a natural part of his behavior.  Hayden seems to be quite a strong character, but against David, he becomes more submissive. I also think that when Hayden learnt the full truth that his reaction should have more explosive and that he should have at least questioned his own feelings for David.

The sex between them is quite erotic. I was left slightly bemused by the ending as I was left with some questions as to the reality of the situation that they left behind. Although I liked Hayden I felt like he had made the biggest mistake in his life because he had been played from the first and been manipulated into loving David. David acted a lot of the time like a child who was going to have his toys taken away, what tantrums.

So if you want something a bit different that has hot sex, an unstable demon, a gullible Doctor and a happy ever after then this is for you.





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