Violet Tresses by Augusta Li

Title: Violet Tresses

Author: Augusta Li

Genre: Fantasy, Medieval

Length: Novella (79pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (12th November 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Sebastian has always wanted to escape the hardship of peasant life. A mysterious aristocrat, Herr Schadenfreud, comes to claim him on his eighteenth birthday, leaving Sebastian frightened and confused. Is his new life a dream come true or punishment for his wicked desires?

All Sebastian Blume has ever wanted is to escape the hardship of peasant life. When a mysterious man, Herr Schadenfreud, comes to claim him on his eighteenth birthday, the young man is frightened and confused. While the exotic and beautiful aristocrat is kind and indulgent toward Sebastian, he also subjects him to long periods of loneliness and isolation while he’s away. Sebastian doesn’t know whether his new life is a dream come true or punishment for his wicked desires.

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Review: What can I say about this one? How about brilliant! Sebastian is struggling to farm the land and provide for his mother, brothers and sisters when a strange man comes to the farm; his life is about to change. Shade (Herr Schadenfreud) has come to collect what he is owed by the villagers after they came begging for his help many years before.

I really liked this fairy-tale type story and thought it was well written with a good plot and story-line. Sebastian is scared as his life has changed more than he dreamed. He comes to love Shade, he also resents him.   Although he has luxury and comfort he hasn’t any freedom or company except when Shade visits him in the tower where he is kept effectively like a prisoner. Shade just doesn’t have a clue really on what to do for the human and I believe that he thinks that he is doing everything he can to make Sebastian happy.   But he won’t let him out of the tower as he fears Sebastian running off as he knows that Sebastian wasn’t really willing at first.

I loved the Rapunzel twist and really liked it when they sorted out their problems. although it did take a push from an unlikely source for them to be truthful to each other. The sex between them is gentle and erotic although Sebastian wants it a bit different. Shade we don’t really get to see as much as we would like, but the times we do see him he makes it plain how he feels for Sebastian. I think that for the length of the story this was really well done and conveyed the feelings of loneliness and loss that Sebastian feels and his desperation by gripping onto the first thing that comes along that offers him a chance to get out of the tower.

So I would recommend this to those who love erotic sex, fantasy and medieval, a bit of magic and a happy ever after. And really it’s fantasy/medieval so what are you waiting for and I said it was good.


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