Walk Me Down the Middle by Nicole Dennis

71s-iIyhNSL._SL1425_Title: Walk Me Down the Middle

Series: N A

Author: Nicole Dennis

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (78 pages)

ISBN: MLR-1-02014-0339

Publisher: MLR Press, LLC (November 27th, 2014)

Heat Level: Low to Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: Growing up in small town Montana, two cowboys defy the odds to find music and love.

Sage Wallstatt loves music, horses, and his family. He dreams of playing the guitar with a country-rock band. Meeting his best friend at age seven, they became inseparable. Sage’s feelings change when he never looks at girls, only Kaden. One magical night alters their paths. Two years later, as Sage scrambles to pull his life together, he has to decide to follow his dreams or stay on the ranch. Should he defy all to walk hand-in-hand with his chosen partner?

Kaden Carmody grew up with the best and the worst until he meets his best friend, Sage on a school playground. He finds solace with Sage and their cave hideout. One night changes everything until reality yanks them apart. Breaking free, Kaden returns to figure out the truth of his feelings for Sage, defy his father, and understand the gay man hiding inside.

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Review: Sage is trying to start a career as a country singer and circumstance befall where he also has to save his family’s ranch. If that’s not bad enough, His best friend and the man he loves that had left his life two yours before after confessing his feelings shows back up,

Kaden has gone through a lot as a boy and was forced to go to a private school. Finally deciding to man up when he turned 18 he left the school and came back to try to see if he still had a chance with Sage.

This story has a lot going on. You have a country band, ranchers, family drama, an evil father and a romance. This isn’t a bad thing but in only 78 pages, I felt it was just too much. It was like two stories in one and like I said not enough pages. In the beginning, we started with the boys at around 15 or 16 finding themselves then bam, its two years later without a warning. A lot had happened in that time span. We only got to hear about in a bit of conversation drops. I think this would have worked in a full-length novel so we could have seen this happen or in two stories.

I also wondered how Sage was doing all this travelling at 15 or 16 for his band when there should be school, and he was in a group of boys his age and they were all travelling what seemed to be alone at the beginning of the book. Now having said that, I really liked both Sage and Kaden and the story was a good one. I loved that Kaden never gave up on his dream to be with Sage and finally turned against his father to do so.

If you like, a fast-moving story with a lot of dialogue, ranchers, country music singers, childhood romance, a sweet loving romance with a lot of twists and turns this is for you.