Weregild by Carole Cummings

Title: Weregild

Series: Wolf’s-own 02

Author: Carole Cummings

Genre: High Fantasy

Length: Super Novel (344pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (26th March 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: The amorality of gods makes it hard to tell ‘bad’ from ‘good’ and ‘right’ from ‘wrong’. Fen doesn’t care. All Fen cares about is saving his family, and he’ll risk anything and anyone that gets in his way. Including his own soul.

No longer willing to wait for the machinations of the gods’ minions, Fen accepts the trade Malick has offered and together they set out to rescue Fen’s family and kill the man Fen has loved for years. With the Ancestors still screaming in his head, and with the duplicity and manipulations whirling around him, Fen finds it harder and harder to do without the silence Malick can offer him.

Malick has his own reasons to hand over everything Fen wants, and equally compelling reasons to withhold everything Fen needs. Over his head, and timing as bad as ever, Malick must devise a way to do his god’s bidding without breaking his god’s laws—and keep Fen sane and on Malick’s side in the bargain.

Purchase Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=2842&osCsid=n7rt5cg827bkvr4g0fve73p025

Review: God damn. But this cover suits the book to a tee. Fen/Jacin doesn’t give a damn what the Gods’ want, he wants his family safe and Malick to keep his promises and that’s all he wants.  Well, that and silence. Malick has made promises that he always seems seconds away from keeping, he can’t break his gods’ law, but he needs his vengeance and Fen is the only way to safely get it. But, now his promises are falling apart, he’s being betrayed and he finds he still has a heart.

Carole Cummings, I bow down before your greatness. This story/series is what High Fantasy is all about and damn if you haven’t made me one happy Pixie. Fen/Jacin struggles to find balance within himself and without. He finds himself having to depend on other people for the first time, he expects betrayal and manipulation, he expects to be used for others needs, but what he never really expects is for someone to see him, to love him and to truly want him. Malick is bound by the laws of the gods, but he has his own instructions from Wolf and his own plans to fulfill, all the while keeping everyone safe and facing betrayal from one who is close to him.

There is no way that I could explain everything that goes on in this book, as it really is just too epic and I really wouldn’t want to give anything away, but this I will tell you… there is betrayal from unexpected quarters, there is love, hope, dreams, tragedy, deaths, devastation, grief of epic proportions, bloodshed, gruesome bloodshed, grave injuries, smug maijin and Temshiel and above all else we have a troubled Untouchable and a perplexed Temshiel.

This is not a story for those who don’t want something to chew on or those who want a light read or instant romance and love and lots of sex. This is a story that is complex in its diversity, because just as you think you have a good grasp on what is going on and what is being said, something else is thrown into the mix to change it all. Malick accepts that he has a more mortal heart than he remembered and how that has affected the outcome. Fen sees more than he thinks he does and the Ancestors voices make more sense than anyone thought. We get caught up in Fen’s insane rambling mind a few times and we can begin to truly feel what he goes through constantly, but Malick giving Fen silence only makes it worse when he has to listen to the voices again.

There is only one sex scene in this book and it is more out of desperation for Fen than true want… Fen really has no true clue about sex and love and the meaning of both of them. There are moments for both Fen and Malick of just snuggling, but it throws Fen as to why he’d want it. The writing in this book is smooth and flows well and sometimes it’s like watching poetry in motion with its whimsical feel. The characters are all incredible well written and you will all end up with your favorites (mines Fen/Jacin ;-).)

Well, anyway, I have to recommend this to those who love high fantasy, betrayal, bloodshed, plots, manipulation, twists, devastation, an epic brutal final battle, a promise of two more books and a happy as it’s going to be ending.