Westford Hall by Lisa Worrall

17238890Title: Westford Hall

Author: Lisa Worrall

Genre: Paranormal, Ghosts, Mystery, Suspense

Length: Novella (98pgs)

Publisher: White Stiletto Press (17th January 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Westford Hall lies back from the quad, quiet and empty. A dark reminder of the horrific murder of six members of the Tri Delta brotherhood thirty years ago, and the subject of Ethan’s thesis.

Ethan Reece is in his second year of Professor Allen’s paranormal psychology class, and is hoping to be the first to establish documented proof that Westford Hall is haunted. Hiring the university’s best photography student to help with the investigation, Ethan is disappointed when he has to be replaced after an accident. Which is how he finds himself saddled with the university’s best stoner instead.

Daniel Cartwright comes from money. He won’t deny it. Why should he? More than aware of the reputation he has on campus, he ambles through life with the help of his parents. At least that’s what everyone thinks. When his friend breaks his leg and volunteers him to assist the biggest nerd on campus with his spooky investigation, Dan is not exactly ecstatic.

Thrown together by fate; to their surprise the two young men find they are drawn together by mutual attraction, but that’s not the only surprise awaiting them in Westford Hall. Coming face to face with an actual ghost, they uncover a story of murder, deceit and despair that leaves them facing a danger they were not prepared for.

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Review: Ethan is hoping to find proof that Westford Hall is haunted for his paranormal psychology class.  all set for a night in the reputed haunted house on campus with a great photography student, he is disappointed when he ends up with the man’s friend as a replacement instead. Dan helps his friend out by taking his place at Westford Hall, being stuck with nerdy Ethan in a supposed haunted house isn’t his idea of fun, and when things start to happen all he wants is to stay the hell away from the place. But, a mystery unfolds that Ethan and Dan get caught up in.  just how do they help put to rest a ghost who wants the truth to come out?

This is a great ghost story that is in parts funny and others poignantly sad with a great twist at the end. Both Ethan and Dan are great characters; Ethan is a nerd who is surprisingly judgmental, but who is quick to admit his mistakes. Dan is rumored to be a slacker, but is in truth the opposite, his reputation as a slacker was earned protecting a friend, he is an absolute gem with his reactions and he plays nicely off Ethan. The ghost is wonderful with his poignant story and his wicked sense of humor, and with his determination over the years to get the truth of his death in the open.

Westford Hall is a great combination of fun, love, mystery and suspense. The elements have been woven together to give a delightful tale of a ghost who wants justice. The relationship between Ethan and Dan was sweet, them finding common ground when at the start they clashed. I found Dan’s reactions to the events in the haunted Westford Hall to be both funny and realistic. While you could see Ethan’s scientific excitement and his eagerness to dig deeper, I had to agree with Dan’s reactions.

There are some flashbacks to the events of the past, but they are beautifully slotted into the story and they add a touch of knowing to the suspense. There was only one thing that confused me though… just when did the young men die? I ask because when Ethan was telling the story of the murders he said it happened in nineteen seventy-four, but then later during a flashback it described the house from nineteen eighty-two. Other than that small discrepancy I have to admit that after finishing this book I am left with the hope (and praying) that Lisa Worrall will give us more from Dan and Ethan in the future, *sigh* well I can only hope.

I am recommending this story as a must read if you love ghosts finding justice and discovering their lost love, a new love developing, mystery, suspense, a great twist and a very happy ending for young men and ghosts alike.

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    (February 21, 2013 - 3:57 pm)

    Just heard about Lisa Worrall’s story, Westford Hall, last night. I dont usually read “ghost” stories but this sounded sooo good. I admit to buying and reading books without reviewers’ help….but I wanted to see what other readers thought of the book before I made a decision. I have alotta Ms Worrall’s books and enjoy readin everything she writes…….but again, I was shying away from “the ghost”, however, Pixie’s review has turned the tables for me….I am going to get and read Westford Hall….I just wanted someone to gimme that extra lil’ push towards it *grin*
    Thank you for an honest, simple to understand, positive and insightful review.

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