Cambion:Dark Around the Edges, Episode 01 – Heaven's on Fire by Cari Z.

Cambion_500Title: Cambion: Episode 01 – Heaven’s On Fire

Series: Cambion: Dark Around The Edges

Author: Cari Z.

Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal

Length: Short (41pgs)

Publisher: Storm Moon Press (8th February 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: The Season Pass includes every episode as it is released, the final compiled ebook, and bonus material not available any other way!

Devon Harper is a cambion, the offspring of an incubus and one of his female followers. Discovered by those who could’ve helped him too late to be saved from his nature, he barely survived a brutal childhood before getting a handle on his powers of seduction. Lust, sex, desire: these are second nature to cambion, and are their road to both riches and ruin. Devon has the power to bring people to their knees with a glance, to drive them so crazy with pleasure that they forget their names, and occasionally forget to breathe as well. He could use his birthright to force the world to worship him, but Devon is trying to fight against the pull, to do what he can to track down people with the power to summon a demon and stop them before more cambion can be made.

But Devon doesn’t realize that the path he and his friends are following is only one strand of a web laid in place by a demon who’s not content to wait on the whims of humanity to get out of Hell. Devon is this demon’s key to staying above ground permanently, and when he finally catches up with the cambion, he’s not taking no for an answer.

Episode 1: Heaven’s On Fire

Devon’s infiltration of a Chinese kingpin’s lair doesn’t quite go off as planned, and lands him in a dangerous predicament. Shangdi knows about Devon, and knows how useful a cambion can be, particularly to his partner, the mysterious demon summoner Porter Grey. With time running out for Devon, it’s up to the even more mysterious Rio Pagani to storm the compound and pull Devon out before Porter can put his plans for the cambion into motion.

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Review: So, this is the first installment of a serial, and it is a fantastic start. Devon works for Safeguard Systems and he has infiltrated a private club to shut it down and to also capture demon summoner, Porter Grey.  But, things don’t go according to plan. Rio is Devon’s backup and maybe the only person to be able to resist Devon. When things go wrong Rio leaps in to rescue Devon before Porter can carry out his plans for Devon.

This short installment was brilliant. We have a seductive cambion working to bring down criminals.  We have the mysterious Rio who can send demons to hell and we have a demon summoner who is trying to stay one step ahead of Safeguard Systems to carry out a plan for his employer. I have to admit that I am hooked.  The entire storyline has me panting for more. With Devon being a cambion, you expect a world weary seducer.  But, what we get is a young man who has a sweet energetic countenance who loves sex.  He also has a major crush on Rio because he knows that when Rio is with him it’s because Rio wants to be there with Devon, because a cambion nature has no effect on Rio. Rio is a mystery as we get to know him, Devon’s power doesn’t affect him and he can send demons to hell with a touch, he is also secretly fond of Devon, and he has more fire power than a small nation.

This story has it all… seduction, guns blazing, explosions, hot explosive sex, a great storyline, mysterious characters, escapes and an ending that will lead nicely to the next installment. I have to recommend everyone has a peek at this because I doubt that you will be disappointed.


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