Off The Beaten Path by Cari Z. Guest Post & Excerpt!

Hi guys, we have Cari Z. popping today with her upcoming release Off the Beaten Path, we have a brilliant guest post and a great excerpt, so check out the post and enjoy! <3 ~Pixie~

Cari Z. - Off the Beaten Path Cover

Off The Beaten Path


Cari Z.

When Ward Johannsen’s little girl Ava shifted into a werewolf, she was taken into custody by the feds and shipped off to the nearest pack, all ties between father and daughter severed. Ward burned every bridge he had discovering her location, and then almost froze to death in the Colorado mountains tracking her new pack down. And that’s just the beginning of his struggle.

Henry Dormer is an alpha werewolf and an elite black ops soldier who failed his last mission. He returns home, hoping for some time to recuperate and help settle the pack’s newest member, a little pup named Ava who can’t shift back to her human form. Instead he meets Ward, who refuses to leave his daughter without a fight. The two men are as different as night and day, but their respect for each other strikes a spark of mutual interest that quickly grows into a flame. They might find something special together—love, passion, and even a family—if they can survive trigger-happy pack guardians, violent werewolf politics, and meddling government agencies that are just as likely to get their alpha soldiers killed as bring them home safely.

Release date: 15th September 2017
Pre-order: Dreamspinner Press ebook | Dreamspinner Press paperback | Amazon US | Amazon UK

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Suspicious Behavior by L.A. Witt & Cari Z Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Hiya guys! We have L.A. Witt & Cari Z. popping in today with their new release Suspicious Behavior, we have a brilliant tasty excerpt and a fantastic giveaway, so check out the post and leave a comment to enter the giveaway! <3 ~Pixie~

Suspicious Behavior

(Bad Behavior 02)

L.A. Witt & Cari Z.

Detective Darren Corliss is hanging by a thread. In between recovering from a near-fatal wound and returning to work at a hostile precinct, he’s struggling to help care for his ailing brother. His partner and boyfriend, Detective Andreas Ruffner, wants to help, but doesn’t know how. And with his own family crises brewing, Andreas is spread almost as thin as Darren.

For cops, though, life takes a backseat to the job. When a stack of unsolved homicides drops into their laps, Andreas and Darren think they’re unrelated cold cases. But when a connection surfaces, they find themselves on the tail of a prolific serial killer who’s about to strike again.

Except they’ve got nothing. No leads. No suspects. Just a pile of circumstantial evidence and a whole lot of hunches. Time is running out to stop the next murder—and to pull themselves back from their breaking points.

Riptide Publishing | Amazon US | Amazon UK

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Risky Behavior by L.A. Witt & Cari Z.

Cari Z. & L.A. Witt - Risky Behavior CoverTitle: Risky Behavior

Series: Bad Behavior #1

Author: L.A. Witt & Cari Z.

Genre: Contemporary, Mystery

Publisher: Riptide Publishing (May 1, 2017)

Length: Novel (309 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3.5 Hearts 

Blurb:  It’s day one of Darren Corliss’s career as a detective, and not only has he been assigned a notoriously difficult partner, but the guy might also be a pill-popping dirty cop. Internal Affairs needs proof, and Darren gets to be their eyes and ears whether he wants to or not.

Detective Andreas Ruffner doesn’t play by the rules, and he doesn’t play well with others. With bodies piling up and a list of suspects who are way above his pay grade, the last thing he needs is a wet-behind-the-ears kid for a partner. Or babysitter. Not even if that partner is easy on the eyes.

As Darren gains Andreas’s hard-won trust, they both realize there’s more than just mutual suspicion simmering beneath the surface. But their investigation is heating up as quickly as their relationship, and Darren has no choice but to go along with Andreas’s unorthodox—and borderline unethical—methods. As IA puts the squeeze on Darren to give up the man he’s falling for, he has to wonder—is Andreas the only cop left in this town who isn’t dirty?       

ISBN: 978-1-62649-564-7

Product Link:

Reviewer: Lisa

Review:  Wow, talk about a hard day’s work.  Darren has finally made it to detective and already has run into a road block.  Internal affairs wants dirt on his new partner.  A partner that not only turns him the hell on but might also be a dirty cop.  

Andreas is one hell of a good cop and tough to boot.  He doesn’t put up with anyones shit, but he has a few secrets.  He doesn’t play very good with anyone and is always running his new partner’s off, well maybe not this one.  There was just something about the kid that might just change his attitude.  Drugs, death, dirty cops, dirty politician’s and who knows what else is coming out of the woodwork with our guys.

The good parts of this story outweighs the bad.  Although the author has used one piece in this story that is a deal breaker for me.  I cannot stand a story, especially a love story that involves HIV.  In many police forces it is definitely not allowed, and for these authors to have a detective with it, well no.  As in my police force’s there is a mandatory physical that they go through over time and if this cop was HIV, the force would have known.  His ass would have been either booted off the detective stage, and possibly the force.  Also the way Darren is with the news, I am sorry but that doesn’t work either.  I can see him staying with the guy but to be so flippy floopy with it, no.  It places the others in danger, so I am sorry but this just brought the story down quite a bit. 

 As for the good parts, well let’s just say it is action pact and hot.  I can’t say the guy on the cover was anything good and in fact was one of the worst covers I have come across.  Now that being said it seemed to work for this type of story.  The story itself has a dark tone to it and very little humor mixed in.  It was not an over the top feeling though, but you can still feel it.  The characters and the story were described to the tee and were pretty well developed.  

Over all I would say the story has great potential and if it was not for the HIV part, I would have said at least a full point more.  I enjoyed the story but am not really sure if it will keep my attention ready and willing for the next book.  Guess we will wait and see on that. 

Risky Behavior by L.A. Witt & Cari Z. Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Cari Z. & L.A. Witt - Risky Behavior Header Banner

Hiya peeps! We have L.A. Witt and Cari Z. stopping by today the tour for their new release Risky Behavior, we have a great excerpt and a fantastic giveaway, so check out the post and leave a comment to enter the giveaway! <3 ~Pixie~ 

Cari Z. & L.A. Witt - Risky Behavior Cover

Risky Behavior

(Bad Behavior 01)

L.A. Witt & Cari Z.

It’s day one of Darren Corliss’s career as a detective, and not only has he been assigned a notoriously difficult partner, but the guy might also be a pill-popping dirty cop. Internal Affairs needs proof, and Darren gets to be their eyes and ears whether he wants to or not.

Detective Andreas Ruffner doesn’t play by the rules, and he doesn’t play well with others. With bodies piling up and a list of suspects who are way above his pay grade, the last thing he needs is a wet-behind-the-ears kid for a partner. Or babysitter. Not even if that partner is easy on the eyes.

As Darren gains Andreas’s hard-won trust, they both realize there’s more than just mutual suspicion simmering beneath the surface. But their investigation is heating up as quickly as their relationship, and Darren has no choice but to go along with Andreas’s unorthodox—and borderline unethical—methods. As IA puts the squeeze on Darren to give up the man he’s falling for, he has to wonder—is Andreas the only cop left in this town who isn’t dirty?

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Changing Worlds by Cari Z. (2nd Edition)

cari-z-changing-worlds-coverTitle: Changing Worlds (2nd Edition)

Author: Cari Z.

Genre: Science Fiction

Length: Novel (236pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (24th October 2016)

ISBN: 978-1-63477-908-1

Heat: Moderate

Heart: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4 ½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Their love will either inspire change in the world or tear it apart.

Former starship captain Jason Kim and his lover, Ferran, are starting a life together on Ferran’s native planet. The Perel matriarchs reluctantly allowed their marriage in the hopes of securing better diplomatic relations with humanity, even though the decision ignites anger from traditionalists. Ferran’s family accepts Jason and the love the two men have found, but other influential families are less accommodating and much less willing to welcome an outsider to their isolated, subterranean world. Some of their enemies are willing to go as far as eliminating Jason permanently. Tensions are quickly building toward a breaking point that might push Perelan into a bloody civil war.

If Jason and Ferran have any hope of surviving the coming conflict, they’ll have to rely on their devotion to each other more than ever before. But that won’t be easy when a figure from Jason’s past reappears to make them question everything.

First Edition of Opening Worlds published by Storm Moon Press, 2011.

First Edition of Changing Worlds published by Storm Moon Press, 2012.

Purchase Link:  

Review: Jason is not happy to find out that he has to transport three Perels to their home world, he has nothing against them personally he just isn’t impressed with their loose morals. Ferran is on his homeward journey when he meets Jason and he becomes intrigued by him, as Ferran gets closer to home it becomes harder for him to face the life he must face.

This is a sweet and gentle romance that leaves you with a warm heart and a gentle smile. Jason split with his ex a year ago and they parted on bad terms, when one of the Perels show an interest in him he knows that a relationship is futile as he knows that the Perel is returning home for good. Ferran also knows that a relationship with the human won’t last but is desperate for a little happiness before he returns home.

I enjoyed this story as both characters got to know each other and developed a friendship before they made love for the first time and it is making love and not just sex. We find out that Jason was hurt in the past by his last love and has avoided any type of relationship since but when he meets Ferran he starts to change his mind, Ferran is so sweet and gentle that it’s no wonder that Jason fell for him. Seeing these two fall for each other is really touching and you root for them to find a way to be together although it doesn’t look good.

Finding the solution is just the beginning as Jason has to learn about living on an alien planet which has strict rules on what roles men can and can’t have, he also discovers that not everyone is happy to have him on their world. Ferren is over the moon that his mother has found a way for him to keep his love, and when danger heads their way it changes Ferren in ways that have never been seen by the Perels before. The way the story developed is fantastic, watching as Jason tries to fit into Ferren’s world is interesting and watching these two men stand by each other and love each other to overcome the obstacles is just amazing.

I have to recommend this to those who love science fiction, with a fantastic storyline, great characters, a dash of danger and a true love story.

Friendly Fire by Cari Z. Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!


Hiya peeps, we have Cari Z. popping in with her new release Friendly Fire, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant giveaway so check out the post and leave a comment to enter the giveaway! <3 ~Pixie~


Friendly Fire


Cari Z.

Elliot McKenzie is the king of reinvention. Five years after losing his job and his lover and almost going to prison, his self-help program, Charmed Life, is more successful than he’d ever dreamed. He thinks he’s put his sordid past firmly behind him, until he starts receiving cryptic threats . . . and realizes it might not be as over as he’d hoped. 

Security expert Lennox West has been lost since a deadly skirmish in Afghanistan led to his forced retirement from the Army. His PTSD makes helping his ex raise their daughter a challenge. When his ex’s sister asks him to set her boss up with a security system, Lennox isn’t expecting anyone like Elliot McKenzie—a man who captures his attention and makes him feel relaxed for the first time since leaving the service.

But Elliot is dangerously stubborn. Even as the threats against him escalate, he refuses to involve the police, and Lennox fears that stubbornness could kill him. A battle of wills ensues that brings them closer to each other than either man expected. But if the threats turn real, they might not live long enough to get their future together. 

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Shadows & Light by Cari Z.

cari-z-shadows-light-coverTitle: Shadows & Light 

Author: Cari Z.

Genre: Erotic Romance, Fantasy, Historical

Length: Novel (183 pages)

Publisher: Pride Publishing (March 15, 2016)

Heat Level: Sizzling

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: A fight to the death against his former master turns into a chance for Rafael, an assassin denied the immortality he lived to achieve, to learn the shocking truth about the fate he was spared.

Rafael wanted nothing more than to serve his immortal master, Xian, a High One of Clare, who taught him from an early age how to be an assassin. But after failing the final test, Rafael was turned out into the Lower City, abandoned by the one person he thought he could count on.

Years of hatred and thoughts of revenge have fueled Rafael’s quest for vengeance, but when the time comes to strike at Xian, he hesitates and is taken prisoner. Rafael expects to die, either at Xian’s hand or at the hand of Myrtea, his sadistic mistress.

Instead Xian heals him, spares him a brutal interrogation and tells him the dark truth driving the ruthlessness of the High Ones—the source of their immortality is spent. Soon the city will devolve into chaos as High Ones battle one another and the rebelling denizens of the Lower City for power and resources. Xian wants to spare Rafael that pain, just as he spared him the pain of becoming a High One a decade earlier.

Their only chance for survival is to escape Clare before civil war breaks out. Even if they make it out of the city, though, there’s no guarantee that Xian will live through the agonizing process of becoming human again. The only ones they can rely on are each other…if Rafael can bring himself to once again trust his former master, the only man he’s ever loved.

Reader Advisory: This book contains mentions of blood-drinking, blood magic, blood-play, knife-play, addiction and withdrawal, as well as flogging and whipping. This book also refers to pain and blood-play as coping mechanisms.

Publisher’s Note: This book has been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.

ISBN: 978-1-78651-386-1

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty 

Review: Rafeal has been working toward one goal: becoming a high one. He is devastated to learn he failed the final test and even more so when his master and the man he looked up to, Xian, casts him out. He falls back into the one thing he was good at, an assassin.

Revenge motivated Rafeal meets Xian again and instead of killing him is taken prisoner. Xian finally explains his reasons for failing him and also informs him of the dark secrets of the high ones. Intent on escaping the battle coming between the high ones and the lowers Xian and Rafeal plan to leave.

This book is full of great scenes both suspenseful and thoughtful. I loved how the story played out. It was an amazing journey. Xian and Rafeal, despite the rough beginning once they found each other again, were great together in their bid to survive.

Highly recommended.

Where There's A Will by Cari Z. Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Cari Z. - Where There's a Will _TourBanner

Hi guys, we have Cari Z. stopping by with her great new superhero/supervillain release Where There’s A Will, we have a great excerpt and a fantastic giveaway, so enjoy the post and leave a comment to enter the giveaway! <3 ~Pixie~

Cari Z. - Where There's a Will _600x900

Where There’s A Will

(Panopolis 03)

Cari Z.

Being a Hero in Panopolis means living the high life: parties, money, influence, even reality television. And I’m one of the most powerful Heroes in the city. I have plenty of fans, a manager who looks out for me (after himself), and a job that pays the bills. I should be enjoying myself.

Unfortunately, the downside of my superpower means I can’t touch anyone, which tends to put a damper on things. I probably don’t deserve all those perks anyway, since I’m working in secret with two of Panopolis’s biggest Villains to undermine GenCorp—my main sponsor and the company that controls what gets through my force field.

I obviously don’t trust my corporate overseers, but they’ve hired a new scientist who actually seems interested in helping me. Dr. Mansourian might have the answers to all my questions—not to mention a starring role in most of my dreams—but he’s hiding something big. If I let him have what he wants, I might not live to regret it.  

Then again, the way things are going in Panopolis these days, I might not live either way.

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Where There's Fire by Cari Z

WhereTheresFire_500x750Title: Where There’s Fire
Series: Panopolis # 2
Author: Cari Z
Genre: Sci-fi/ Alternate World / Dystopian/Suspense/Action-Adventure
Length: Novella (119 pages)
Publisher: Riptide Publishing (July 13, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Blurb: Making a name for myself as a Villain in Panopolis is hard work. Six months ago, my boyfriend broke me out of jail. Now he’s spending most of his time defending our turf against other Villains he accidentally freed along with me. And my new psychic powers are not only impossible to control, but they’re also giving me migraines.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. My skills are improving every day, and Raul—aka the Mad Bombardier—and I have never been happier. That is, until my first solo job is interrupted by a mysterious woman who tells me that Raul has been kidnapped by a ruthless new Villain. The only way to free him is to do a job for Maggot, a man with scary ideas and an even scarier superpower.

I can’t go to the cops or a Hero for help. Odds are they wouldn’t listen to me anyway. If I fail, Raul will be killed. If I succeed, we’ll both be bound to a man who’ll stop at nothing to put Panopolis on the path to civil war.

It looks like the only way to win is to take out the competition.

ISBN: 978-1-62649-297-4

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This is the second book in the Panopolis series. It was just as good the first book with a new villain added into the mix who used Edward to get what he wanted by holding Raul hostage. Although I did understand and agree with his reason I did not like the way he went about it. This guy was truly disgusting. As soon as I read his villain name I was glad I had already eaten because I just knew some of the scenes were going to be stomach turning.

I really liked that even though Edward is a villain he tried his best not to hurt anyone seriously. I was pissed at what Maggot had his cronies do to Raul to get Edwards cooperation and then what one did to make sure he went through with what he supposed to do.

The ending came as no surprise to me because I would have felt the same if I were Edward. Edward ability was very intriguing, though it comes with a price of migraines. Action packed, mystery, adventure are all throughout this fantastic book. I really hope there will be more in this series.

Highly recommended.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

Where There's Smoke by Cari Z. Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

Cari Z. - Where There's Smoke Tour Banner Large

Hi guys, we have Cari Z. stopping by with her newest release Where There’s Smoke, we have a great excerpt, a brilliant giveaway and my review, so enjoy the post of this great book where the villain gets his man and leave a comment (with email address in the comment) <3 ~Pixie~

Cari Z. - Where There's Smoke _500x750

Where There’s Smoke

(Panopolis 01)

Cari Z.

Panopolis is a rough place to be an average Joe. I came here looking for adventure and excitement, but nobody cares about one more normal guy in a city filled with super-powered heroes. The closest I’ve come to glory is working in a bank that villains often rob.

But then I maybe accidentally-on-purpose helped a villain escape the hero who was trying to save the day. Imagine my shock when, a week later, that villain asked me out for coffee. One date turned into more, and now I’m head over heels in love with Raul.

Falling in love with the guy dubbed the Mad Bombardier isn’t without its downsides, though. I’ve had to deal with near-death encounters with other villains, awkwardly flirtatious heroes who won’t take no for an answer, and a lover I’m not sure I can trust. It’s getting to the point where I know I’ll have to make a choice: side with the heroes, or stand fast by my villain.

Either way, I think my days as a normal guy are over.

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Summer's Child by Cari Z.

18080264Title: Summer’s Child

Series: Titania’s Court #2 (Oberon’s Court)

Author: Cari Z.

Genre: Fantasy (Fae) / Thriller & Suspense

Length: Novella (50 Pages)

Publisher: Total E-Bound (July 12th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Will the distant but brutal past destroy a changeling’s hope for a better life with the Summer Fae?

Dis, a human changeling, is tasked with delivering Oberon’s solstice gift to his estranged wife, Titania, at the Summer Court. Leaving behind the land where he barely survived to adulthood is harder than he expected—it means leaving behind his lover Marten as well. Dis hopes that once his task is completed, he and Marten can be together again.

The Summer Fae welcome Dis to their court, but there’s more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. Dis struggles to keep Oberon’s gift for Titania safe while being continually tempted by the willful Summer Fae to disobey, and worse, he loses contact with Marten. Dis is left with no one he can trust, and is faced with the impossible choice between disobedience to Oberon, who will surely kill him once he finds out, or losing the man that he loves forever.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence.

Product Link:

Review: Let me start with the completely illogical way this series has gone out and how confusing it is to find what you want. This is supposed to be book #2 in Titania’s Court Series, however that couldn’t be more wrong and I wonder how the authors and the publisher made this mistake.

Anyway, for the readers that loved the first book of this series by Cari Z. and that would be The Solstice Gift, previously reviewed by Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews, this is the sequel and we find Dis in The Ways trying to make it to Summer Court and give Titania her husband’s gift of power. The gift though is a temptation hard to resist, its power always pushing Dis at his limits. It would be so easy to use it and no longer be a changeling, no longer be seen with contempt. But one thing Dis knows well enough, the one thing that helped him survive all this years in Winter Court, is the fact that he knows his place and what he most definitely must not do.

His journey comes to an end and he barely makes it to Summer Court where he is received quite differently from the Summer Fae. He is almost cherished there, as he is the sole changeling to have survived the horrors of Winter Court. However, he is not welcomed from everyone. While Queen Titania might accept him and his gift there are others who remember well the war between the Fae and their losses hurt no less now after all these years. Dis must wait for a month until the Queen will be ready to receive her gift, but that is a month that Dis must constantly avoid temptation, the Fae’s tricks, and what is worse, another month away from his beloved Marten.

I loved this book. It’s such a different take from the typical fae stories we read. The world of Winter Fae was dark and cruel and filled with pain and death, while the Summer Fae is, of course, happier, but no fewer tricksters. The scheming and backstabbing are in full effect even here, and one does not know who to trust and what to believe.

While the first book made you feel for Dis due to the horrors of the darkness he was wrapped with, at least there you knew without a doubt what to expect. In this one, though you have to see behind the masks and expect anything from anyone no matter how bright the smile. And while you’re on your toes with suspicion and the plot, you get carried away with the eroticism and the gorgeous relationship between Dis and Marten. How very sweet and romantic Marten was and it was the fact that he was an anomaly in his world that made him incredibly hot.

The ending was perfect this time around and while it gave you the hints that more might come in the future, you don’t mind this novella ending here. The unexpected happened and I loved the turn the events took.

So if you love the Fae world and you want a fresh take and see them with a fresh set of eyes, I definitely recommend this book to you. You can pick the previous one or read it as a standalone; it won’t really matter because it’s so well written that you’ll have no problem getting into the story. Recommended!


Cambion:Dark Around the Edges, Episode 01 – Heaven's on Fire by Cari Z.

Cambion_500Title: Cambion: Episode 01 – Heaven’s On Fire

Series: Cambion: Dark Around The Edges

Author: Cari Z.

Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal

Length: Short (41pgs)

Publisher: Storm Moon Press (8th February 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: The Season Pass includes every episode as it is released, the final compiled ebook, and bonus material not available any other way!

Devon Harper is a cambion, the offspring of an incubus and one of his female followers. Discovered by those who could’ve helped him too late to be saved from his nature, he barely survived a brutal childhood before getting a handle on his powers of seduction. Lust, sex, desire: these are second nature to cambion, and are their road to both riches and ruin. Devon has the power to bring people to their knees with a glance, to drive them so crazy with pleasure that they forget their names, and occasionally forget to breathe as well. He could use his birthright to force the world to worship him, but Devon is trying to fight against the pull, to do what he can to track down people with the power to summon a demon and stop them before more cambion can be made.

But Devon doesn’t realize that the path he and his friends are following is only one strand of a web laid in place by a demon who’s not content to wait on the whims of humanity to get out of Hell. Devon is this demon’s key to staying above ground permanently, and when he finally catches up with the cambion, he’s not taking no for an answer.

Episode 1: Heaven’s On Fire

Devon’s infiltration of a Chinese kingpin’s lair doesn’t quite go off as planned, and lands him in a dangerous predicament. Shangdi knows about Devon, and knows how useful a cambion can be, particularly to his partner, the mysterious demon summoner Porter Grey. With time running out for Devon, it’s up to the even more mysterious Rio Pagani to storm the compound and pull Devon out before Porter can put his plans for the cambion into motion.

Purchase Link:

Review: So, this is the first installment of a serial, and it is a fantastic start. Devon works for Safeguard Systems and he has infiltrated a private club to shut it down and to also capture demon summoner, Porter Grey.  But, things don’t go according to plan. Rio is Devon’s backup and maybe the only person to be able to resist Devon. When things go wrong Rio leaps in to rescue Devon before Porter can carry out his plans for Devon.

This short installment was brilliant. We have a seductive cambion working to bring down criminals.  We have the mysterious Rio who can send demons to hell and we have a demon summoner who is trying to stay one step ahead of Safeguard Systems to carry out a plan for his employer. I have to admit that I am hooked.  The entire storyline has me panting for more. With Devon being a cambion, you expect a world weary seducer.  But, what we get is a young man who has a sweet energetic countenance who loves sex.  He also has a major crush on Rio because he knows that when Rio is with him it’s because Rio wants to be there with Devon, because a cambion nature has no effect on Rio. Rio is a mystery as we get to know him, Devon’s power doesn’t affect him and he can send demons to hell with a touch, he is also secretly fond of Devon, and he has more fire power than a small nation.

This story has it all… seduction, guns blazing, explosions, hot explosive sex, a great storyline, mysterious characters, escapes and an ending that will lead nicely to the next installment. I have to recommend everyone has a peek at this because I doubt that you will be disappointed.


The Solstice Gift by Cari Z.

1898Title: The Solstice Gift

Series: Oberon’s Court

Author: Cari Z.

Genre: Fantasy

Length: Short (40pgs)

Publisher: Total E-Bound (17th December 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: How long can a human survive in the treacherous court of the winter fae, when even his allies are fighting for their lives?

Dis is a changeling, a human stolen away from his own world as a child by the vicious winter fae. He’s survived to adulthood through a combination of luck and careful oversight by his only ally, a fairy lord named Marten, but his success might have finally reached its end.

It’s the winter solstice, and Oberon’s court is preparing for a hunt with a history of bloodshed, one that requires Dis to be an unwilling participant. Even if Dis lives through that, he’s being watched by the king of the fae himself, and no one can save him if Oberon has marked him for sacrifice.

Purchase Link:

Review: Before we go any further I just need to do this… ‘Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh’. Okay, that’s out of my system. Dis was stolen from the human world many years before. He is the only human of recent years to reach adulthood and it is far from an easy life. The only bright spot in the dreary winter court is the fairy lord, Marten, but even he can’t keep him safe. The Hunt brings Dis to the attention of Oberon. Marten’s sister, Sable, is not impressed and Dis finds himself in danger on many levels.

This is a brilliant cruel stark story of the court of Oberon. Dis has had a cruel hard life living in the winter court.  He has no way out and his only glimmer of warmth in the cold world comes from Marten a, fairy lord. Snatching moments with the Fae, when Marten can sneak him away. Dis has attention drawn to himself during the Hunt and is given a special task by Oberon himself.

This story is brilliant. I loved the stark descriptions and the bleak outlook with there being only one bright spot in an otherwise dark life. It is a life without any hope except death, but the secret love that Dis has, keeps him going. But, they have to keep it hidden, because he is a changeling, and also because of the cruelness of Marten’s sister, Sable. The relationship between Marten and Dis is very secret and we see how much they care for one another without either of them giving the other away. The sex is hot between them and they genuinely love each other, but the parting is bittersweet.

There is much of this story that pulls you in and I will be honest the ending had me growling in frustration and spitting feathers. I nearly gave this book 2 Hearts because it ended so abruptly. But, I have since calmed down enough to give it a reasonable rating based on the storyline. There has to be a sequel in the pipeline for this book *on knees begging* because I need to know what happens next pppllllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee.

I will recommend this to those who love Fae, finding love in a bleak harsh landscapes, a hard unfair life and a very bittersweet ending.


Animal Magnetism ~ A Dreamspinner Press Anthology

Title: Animal Magnetism

Series:  A Dreamspinner Press Anthology

Author: Heidi Champa, Cari Z., Matthew Vandrew, Chris T. Kat, Avery Vanderlyle, Kim Fielding, R. Cooper, Emily Gould, A.J. Marcus, Skylar Jaye, Minerva Wisting, Lily Velden, Kate Pavelle, Liz Makar, G.S Wiley

Genre: Anthology

Length: 352 pages

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 13, 2012)

Heat Level:  Moderate (total book)

Heart Rating:    ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: Lions tigers and bears Oh! My! Whether ist a dog or cat or something more exotic, the animals in this collection of m/m stories serve as the catalyst for bringing lovers together. No matter how the encounter begins, by the end of each story, with a little help from their finned, furred, or feathered friends, our heros have discovered some animal magnetism of their own.

Product Link:

Reviewer: Cat

This is a great collection of 15 stories where animals of some sort are catalysts for romance. Some are sweet and some are very hot. All were very cute and fun to read. I will break each down with a heat rating for ya!


A Few Too Many by Heidi Champa

Heat Level:  Explicit

Ted takes his dog, Jake, to the annual Highland Games. After winning, Jake gets into the cups sitting around of booze and gets sick. Ted rushes him to the vet to find that the usual veterinarian isn’t in. a new very sexy vet is there instead.

I found this story so cute, I laughed until I about cried. Then it got so hot at the vet’s office.

If you like dogs, men in kilts, hot vet, and hot man-sex you will love this.

Having a Ball by Cari Z.

Heat Level:  Explicit

Jimmy comes to snake sit at his older brother, Michael’s, house, after, Michael’s wife died in an accident. Michael had to take his daughter, Kelly, to visit her deceased mom’s family for two weeks at Christmas. Jimmy is left with instructions of how to care for the snake and an emergency contact in case of problems. The emergency contact is a neighbor upstairs. Circumstances bring Jimmy to call on the neighbor. What happened that he had to call the neighbor? What happened after he called the neighbor? All I’m telling ya is read this story… it’s cute.

This one was sweet, also. You can’t help but feel for Jimmy being creeped out about babysitting a snake. Things that happen afterward are pretty hot.

If you like sort a sad stories, snakes, friends to lovers, History lessons, and hot man-sex you will love this one.

Along Came Spiders by Matthew Vandrew

Heat Level:  Mild

Hedge is on his way to work when an earthquake hits. A woman says a man may be injured and has a basement full of spiders. Hedge is a nurse and goes to help. Alec a police officer that was just going off duty tries to keep Hedge from going in, but Hedge insists.  They get trapped temporarily inside with loose spiders.

This was such a sweet romantic story even if it had spiders on the loose.

If you like police officers, male nurses, a sweet romance and spiders you will love this one!

Cuddling Up by Chris T. Kat

Heat Level:  Explicit

Paul was leaving work and it was raining cats and dogs (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun), so he goes back into the big cat house at the zoo where he works. (Real cats like lions and leopards and stuff)When he gets inside he finds Noah, his relief cuddled up with the Snow Leopard and her cubs. He watches, afraid if he startles them the leopard will hurt him.  When Noah finally exits the cage, Paul confronts him and an argument ensues. Paul goes into the shower to cool himself off and get out of his wet clothes. Noah follows him in.

I loved this story it was so sweet the scene with Noah and the snow leopard and the story of why he was in the cage. The sex was really hot, too.

I recommend this if you like, Snow Leopards and cubs, sweet stories, and hot man-sex.

New Tides by Avery Vanderlyle

Heat Level:  Mild

Steve had to take a job on the east coast and his boyfriend Eric had stayed on the West Coast. He works in aquatics with crabs.  After three years and trying the long distance relationship and failing they still kept in touch some and Steve really hadn’t moved on. Eric had. Steve’s favorite possession is a pencil with a crab on it that Eric had bought him when he graduated school. His pencil keeps coming up missing and found in strange places.  The new co-worker, Jan, studies octopi and has one named Cleo that he is studying its behavior. How does Cleo Bring Jan and Steve together when octopi aren’t one of Steve’s favorite marine animals?

I love this story it. It’s a sweet story about a man not wanting to let go of his love, but a strange occurrence helps him put Eric in his past and find new love. Even with no sex mentioned this story was so good and exciting.

I recommend this story to anyone that likes a sweet story with no sex, Octopi, crabs, marine biology and sexy men.

Care and Rehabilitation by Kim Fielding

Heat Level:  Mild

Ira is a history professor he is in mourning of losing his long- time partner to leukemia. He has his partner’s dog, a St. Bernard and she finds a baby bird. Ira is told of a person the takes birds in to rehabilitate. When he gets there, he finds the person is an ex student of his, that he had a mild crush on when he was in Ira’s class. Ironically, Caleb had had a major crush on Ira, too. Caleb is also in mourning of losing his mother a year ago and had taken over her business of taking in the injured birds that needed rehab. Can a baby bird and a St. Bernard be the path to both Ira and Caleb’s healing?

I absolutely loved this story. It has no actual sex, but the story is so sweet, yet sad with a happy ending.

If you love Birds, dogs sad but sweet stories of love lost and having to move on this one is super great!

Butterbean and the Pretty Princess Make A Home by R. Cooper

Heat Level:  Moderate

Riley and Eli are roommates. Eli is the best roommate Riley ever had. But, Eli and Riley are so different. Eli is quiet, large, and hairy, and from a wealthy family. Eli has tattoos, designs them and runs around with his friends that talk about Eli. Riley has been staying home more finding he enjoys Eli’s company. One night on his way home he finds two kittens in a box in the trash. He brings them in and Eli flips out. He is terrified, and thinks he has allergies. Can two abandoned kittens bring together two friends?

This story was so cute. Eli’s reaction to the kittens is hilarious.

If you like friends to lovers romance, a cute funny story, tattoos, and kittens you will love this one.

Jonno by Emily Gould

Heat level:  Mild

Ethan took a job in the wildlife park because his partner Louis had been giving him a hard time about not working. Their relationship seemed to be falling apart. On his first day at work a squirrel named Jonno bit him. He had to go to the onsite medic, Mitchell. He and Mitchell become good friends. Can A mean squirrel bring two friends together?

This was another cute sweet story. I felt so sorry for Ethan. Louis is such a prick. Ethan and his squirrel Jonno’s relationship is absolutely hilarious. The buildup of Mitchell and Ethan’s relationship is so sweet.

If you like squirrels, funny stories, sweet romances, and friends to lover’s romance.  Stories with a great relationship with no sex this one is a must read.

On Eagles Wings by A. J. Marcus

Heat Level:  Moderate

One day out hunting with his eagle, Gavin, a Falconer, finds Heath, a ranger on a cliff. He had been pushed by a poacher and broke his leg.  Gavin rescues him.  They both have been friends for a while and both live out in the wild alone. They find themselves even closer.

This is a very sweet story of a rescue that brings friends to lovers.

If you like eagles, hunting, wilderness, sweet hot man-sex and friends to lovers check this one out.

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road by Skylar Jaye

Heat Level:  Mild

Gabe has chickens as pets. His neighbors don’t mind since he shares the eggs. Tracy and her son just moved across the street. Tracy came back to the country sick to spend the rest of her time. Aaron is having a hard time adjusting. One of Gabe’s chickens keeps getting out and going to Tracy’s, Aaron keeps returning her.   Aaron isn’t into one night stands and Gabe isn’t into commitment. Can a wandering chicken bring these two together?

This is another really cute sweet story of an animal bringing to men together as friends and possibly more.

If you love the country, stories with a bit of angst, chickens and friends to lovers, this one is a must read.

Tears for a Broken Sun by Minerva Wisting

Heat Level:  Explicit.

Akira runs a flower shop his parents left him. He has a crush on a customer that comes in every Friday. they have even had dinner a few times as friends, but he thinks Luca is straight. Wan, Akira’s dog is acting strangely this day. An earthquake comes and its bad and his house is wrecked inside. He starts walking the dog seeing people leaving for the shelters afraid of a tsunami. Wan keeps acting strangely so they head to shelter after seeing people on buildings. Luca comes up on a bicycle and gets Akira to run. A tsunami comes and they barely make it to a deserted building.   Akira is upset his entire house is destroyed and his shop. Why did Luca come to save him?

A very exciting keeps you on the edge of your seat story.

If you like a story with excitement, sadness, and a sweet friends to lovers. This one is great!

Stripped Bare by Lily Velden

Heat level:  Explicit w/some slightly vulgar language

Nick is an artist and at one of his exhibits a handsome stranger comes in.  He eyes one of the works then leaves. The next day he shows up at a talk and asks so many questions Nick feels he was stripped bare. After the talk, the customer meets with him and wants him to hold the three orbs until he can meet with his partner.  Michael shows up at his shop one day and Nick’s parrot, Ollie, that has a foul mouth   talks way too much. Does the fowl mouthed fowl bring them together?

This was a cute fun story. I loved the descriptions of the art and the story behind Ollie. It’s hilarious and hot.

If you like art, parrots and hot man-sex give this a go. It’s hilarious. Fun and fast paced.

Wild Horses by Kate Pavelle

Heat level:   Mild

Kai is nearly homeless and having to scrounge for food.  Desperate, he picks a man’s pocket. He gets 60 dollars and a new iPhone.  Atilla raises horses and runs a teaching school and his entire life is on the phone. He has money and doesn’t care about the 60 bucks. He sends a message and says you can keep the money, but please return the phone. He leaves another message you are much better than this. Kai feels bad and finally decides to return the phone. He goes all the way to Atilla’s horse ranch and gets overheated. One of Atilla’s horses that are wild and the only horse Atilla hasn’t been able to train takes up with Kai. How does a wild horse change a homeless desperate man’s life?

I liked this story. It was interesting how Atilla was so kind and generous to Kai. I had one problem with this story, however. I was reading and rooting for Kai and Atilla and the story just stopped. It really didn’t end or allude to an ending. It just felt like she ran out of time and cut off the story. I would have loved to found out what happened to Kai and Atilla.

If you love horses, stories full of desperation and a Good Samaritan keeps returning her.   This one is for you.

Show and Tell by Liz Makar

Heat Level:  Explicit

Damian is a kindergarten teacher and self-professed animal killer. Sam is the new owner of the local pet store. Damien is blackmailed by one of his students to get a new classroom pet after his latest tragedy.  He goes to the shop to find a snake and meets the new owner, Sam.

I think this was one of my favorites. It’s fast past sweet and so funny. These kids… the things they say.  The story is sweet, hot and full of humor.

I recommend this one to everyone.  But especially if you like snakes, turtles, dogs and funny kindergarteners, and hot man-sex.

The Conch Republic by G. S. Wiley

 Heat Level:  Mild

Randy is unemployed and living with his mom in Key West. He gets a job in a tourist shop and meets Jack.  Jack collects Conch shells and has a conch museum.

This is a sweet romance. I found it a bit rushed and it just suddenly ended. I’d have loved to see more of the romance between Jack and Randy maybe less of Randy’s sister Brett.

If you like beaches, Conch museums, stories about authors and book readings. Try this one.