An Unconventional Courtship by Scotty Cade

UnconventionalCourtshipLGTitle: An Unconventional Courtship

Author: Scotty Cade

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (230pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (12th October 2012)

Heat Level: Sensual

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Tristan Moreau loves his job as chief administrative officer and personal assistant to Webber Kincaid, President, Chairman, and CEO of Kincaid International. It would be the perfect job… if only he hadn’t fallen in love with his boss as well as the work. After two years, he’s still doing everything in his power to keep his feelings hidden—mostly because he wants to protect the reputation of his famous boss but also because he wants to keep his job.

Webber Kincaid has stayed in the closet, using his best friend and confidante as his beard. Everything in his life was working out just fine until he met Tristan Moreau. Within months, Tristan stole his heart and became his lifeline. But Webber knows the rules of the workplace better than anyone, so he’s kept his distance.

But two years is too long to wonder “what if?”—especially when business takes them to a private Caribbean island. When Tristan and Webber succumb to the tropical heat, their professionalism starts to backslide. It’s a seemingly impossible relationship, making a go at it under the paparazzi’s microscope. It may be the best—or the worst—business decision they ever made.

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Review: Tristan has the perfect job working for Webber Kincaid and it would be his dream job if only he hadn’t fallen for the man. For two years he has controlled his feelings around his boss, but he is dreading the coming weeks where he will be on a secluded Caribbean island nearly alone with his Webber. Just how is he going to control his reactions being in such close contact with the man he can only love from afar? Webber has a secret that he has kept quiet for the good of the company, but now he has an opportunity to go after his heart and he has some confessions to make before he can act.  Just how will Webber convince Tristan of the truth when Tristan believes he’s straight and has a girlfriend?

This is a very sweet story that has love, angst, misunderstandings and a surprising work-related twist. Tristan is a man who is very cautious about where he lays his heart after being burned badly in the past, but he stood no chance of saving his heart when he met Webber. For two years he has secretly loved his boss and now he will have to spend three weeks on a secluded island with the man. Tristan never expects the turn of events that sweep him off his feet. Webber loves Tristan, working with the man for two years has made him long for something permanent with the man, but first he has to fess up about his so-called girlfriend. After opening his heart and claiming his man they have a plan of action, but work interferes when they uncover double-dealing.

Well, this is a very sweet touching love story that digs into every person’s deepest fantasies; where we get swept off out feet by our very own prince charming, where the person we have longed for finally admits they feel the same and where we are romanced, wined and dined to within an inch of our lives before being loved with the heart as much as the body. Tristan and Webber are a couple made in heaven, both men denying their feelings before finally coming clean with each other. It isn’t easy sailing though, as Tristan believed Webber to be in a relationship. There are some tears and confusion until it’s cleared up and then bliss until Tristan spots some irregularities in a file they are looking over.

This is a true love story for those of us who are true romantics, but it is also a slight mystery with a bit of betrayal and attempted blackmail. I loved this story for the sweet relationship and the fact that although they knew each other for two years Webber and Tristan still have a lot to learn about each other. To my mind their Unconventional Courtship was nearly two years of office/work related side glances and cheese Danishes. I am looking forward to the next book An Unconventional Union where hopefully we discover what actions the board and authorities will take and find out more about Deanna.

I will recommend this to those who love romance, sensual sex, ups and downs, romantic gestures, a touch of mystery and attempted blackmail, confusion and a very happy ending.

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