What Once Was Lost by Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen

Title: What Once Was Lost

Series: Lady Blue Crew 07

Author: Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen

Genre: Science Fiction, Shifters

Length: Novella (127pgs)

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand (28th January 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Mo doesn’t know what to do with Mykel. He’s new to the future he’s living in and doesn’t understand half of what people tell him, let alone show him. When Mykel insists that they are mates, Mo’s set to run in the other direction.

Mykel knows Mo is his mate the second he lays eyes on the sexy human. He packs up everything he owns and leaves his family to join his mate on board the Lady Blue. Life would be perfect if only his mate would accept him.

Trouble follows the crew of the Lady Blue crew with every turn and Mo and Mykel are no exception. When plans backfire and go wrong, saving each other just might be easier than admitting that they belong together. But the past won’t be forgotten and when Mo goes on a wild mission doomed to failure, Mykel races to his rescue, refusing to give up on the one man that makes him feel whole. Now, it’s just a matter of saving Mo from himself.

Purchase Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/what-once-was-lost

Review: Mo is still getting used to living in the future and he really doesn’t want to be tied down just yet.  He doesn’t understand what is happening with Mykel and nobody is giving him the chance to catch up. Mykel is willing to leave, if that is what Mo wants, but he will miss his mate more than anything.  When Mo explains he wants them to be friend’s first, Mykel jumps at the chance.

I enjoyed this story; especially the part where Mo wants to be friends before jumping into a mating. Mykel has had a strict upbringing where the laws are everything.  He doesn’t quite get that Mo is holding back because of himself and not because of anything that Mykel has done. Mo tries to explain to Mykel that he just needs time, but when Mo makes a grave mistake, he realizes that Mykel means more to him than he thought. A well-written story that was enjoyable and humorous with a little danger thrown in to make it more enjoyable.

I must admit that I enjoy the way that Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen have worked together to produce this fun, light-hearted, enjoyable series that has just enough danger and angst thrown in to keep us reading and a story-line that is also intriguing but isn’t too heavy. The mates are fun and quirky and their partners are a little bit stern but easy going (well kinda) they meld well together and make great couples and Mo and Mykel are no different, the sex is hot and sexy and they might have some slight problems (ha ha ha) but they make it through to the end.

So I will recommend this to those who enjoy shifters, science fiction-ish, futuristic, hot sex, a bit of danger, some angst and happy endings.




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