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Hey guys, today we have Lee Brazil visiting with an old favorite It’s Simple, Simon, Lee has a fabulous Giveaway and there are reviews from both myself and Thommie, so enjoy the post and click that Rafflecopter link 🙂 <3 ~Pixie~

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It’s Simple, Simon


Lee Brazil

Simon Carter has achieved unimaginable success and he owes it all to a man from his past whose scorn set fire to his ambition.

“It’s Simple, Simon. You lack ambition.”

Chase Garvin’s jibe had sent Simon Carter on unexpected paths and brought him unimaginable success. No longer a penniless musician, the highly paid investment banker is going home for the first time in years. He plans to rest, relax, and spend a little time rubbing his ex-lover’s nose in his success. A visit to the Renaissance Fair brings this not-quite-so-simple- Simon nose to nose with his past and somehow revenge doesn’t seem quite so attractive.

Chase Garvin, Denver, Colorado’s very own Pie Man, is still incredibly handsome. What’s more, the more mature Chase is very appreciative of Simon’s talents.

When the old attraction flares between them, Simon and the Pie Man get caught up in tasting the wares, and neither counts the pennies.

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