A Cat Named Hercules by K. C. Kendricks

Title: A Cat Named Hercules

Author: K.C. Kendricks

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (119 Pages)

Publisher:  Amber Allure (January 15, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: New in town, Shiloh Rudy joins a group of civic-minded volunteers to better acquaint himself with his recently adopted community. It’s a good way to make friends, network, and help make a difference, not to mention perhaps meet someone interesting—in a romantic sort of way. The one thing Shiloh didn’t expect was a love to rival all others to come with four white paws.

Gale Widmyer is on his feet and moving forward after piecing his life back together following a series of wrong choices. The one bright spot in his existence, even in his darkest moments, was the fulfillment of his dream to become a veterinarian. Gale’s making good on a promise to himself when an abandoned kitten leads him to Shiloh Rudy and a chance at the happiness he never hoped to have.

Laying the cornerstone for a developing relationship comes easy for Shiloh and Gale. But the wounds of the past often remain unhealed at their deepest point. A few careless words erect a wall of silence between the two men, one Shiloh has to breach if he hopes to win Gale back. But it will take more than apologies to win Gale’s forgiveness and put old fears to rest. It’ll take a cat named Hercules…

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Reviewer:  Madison

Review: Shiloh is new in town. Despite having a group of good friends to pal around with, he is lonely. He’s ready to settle down and try his hand at a long-term relationship. Especially after meeting Gale, a local veterinarian he meets after finding and adopting a stray kitten.

Gale, who is in his mid-30s, has just recently come out of the closet after a painful divorce. He has never been with a man before, so he is hesitant to accept Shiloh’s advances. Their strong mutual attraction, however, cannot be denied.

These two have amazing chemistry both in and out of the bedroom. They are a perfect match. They adore each other, just as much as they adore the feisty little kitty cat that brought them together. I hesitate to call this story “adorable” (although it is) only because it was also very, very hot. K.C. Kendricks not only lets us peek inside the bedroom, she also lets us peek right under the covers to witness all of Gale’s firsts in what are some very steamy love scenes.

Once I started reading, I could not put this one down! Loved it!

Favorite quote: “If I had only known kittens can climb drapes, perch on top of a traverse rod, and then screech like some femme fatale in a low-budget horror flick to be rescued. That a kitten sounds like a herd of buffalo running on hardwood floors in the middle of the night. If I had only known a kitten’s claws can sink through a sheet into your balls while you’re jerking off. An old adage says, “Live and learn,” and I amassed an encyclopedic amount out cat wisdom in less than twenty-four hours.”

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