A Change of Pace by J. M. Cartwright

Title: A Change Of Pace

Series: Change 03

Author: J.M. Cartwright

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (143pgs)

Publisher: Torquere Press (10th August 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Andrew Cunningham is ticked off. He’s taken the fall for his old boss, the mayor of Chicago, and is forced to head to Asheville, North Carolina to avoid the press. He’s not in the mood to be nice. Once he meets sexy cabinet-maker Ridge Huntington, though, he unbends enough to get up close and personal.

Ridge isn’t sure that Mr. Right Now is worth the aggravation. They argue, Drew curses a lot, and Ridge rolls his eyes.

Drew manages to step on a few toes as he adjusts to life in the south, and Ridge finds himself entertained in more ways than one. Can an uppity Yankee and a laid-back Southerner meet in the middle?

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Review: Drew is mega miffed.  He’s had to throw himself under the bus for his old boss and is being exiled to Asheville until the press backs off.  He’s not bothered that he lost his job (he hates politics), but he’s furious that the press was digging for dirt on his boss and twisting things. Ridge is a carpenter; he is also half owner of the inn where Drew is staying. They hit it off but Drew gets a lot more than he bargained for from the sexy Ridge.

Ridge is a surprising character as, at first, he came across as submissive but you soon find that he has a steel backbone.  He won’t let anyone walk all over him, which he shows Drew time and time again. Drew is just a natural asshole who really can’t stop acting that way no matter how hard he tries.  He has a natural reaction to keep people out (compounded by his ex-boyfriend cheating on him) and it takes Ridge to show him how to accept and admit love.

This story-line was brilliant and flowed well and I thought that it was a great set of characters. The pairing of Drew and Ridge is a match made in heaven.  Ridge can and will pull Drew aside and point out when he is being a prat and doesn’t let him get away with hiding his feelings. Drew seems to lend Ridge more confidence as he seems to become more confident with himself the longer he knows Drew. I loved Drew’s mum and dad and thought Ridge’s best friend was cool. The sex scenes are really hot and sexy and quite detailed as well.

So this story I would recommend to those who love hot men, hot sex, and hanging on to denial with your fingernails, a great story-line and a wonderful happy ending.


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