Body of Water by Stuart Wakefield

Title: Body of Water

Series: The Orcadian 01

Author: Stuart Wakefield

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novel (169pgs)

Publisher: Self-Published (12 August 2011)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 4 ½♥♥♥♥

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: “Stay away from the water.”

Leven has heard that rule all his life but, when he breaks it, he loses the ones he loves.

Bereaved and broken-hearted, escape seems like his only option. At the invitation of the father he never knew, he flees London and seeks refuge in the storm-battered Orkney Islands.

Thrown together with the handsome but volatile Dom, a series of strange and terrifying encounters lead Leven to the reason the rule existed.

Something in the water is coming for him.

But as evil rises, so must good.

When he is born from chaos can he calm the storm?

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Review: Leven is a young man with anger issues.  He has been passed around foster families before he is taken on by Ruth and Alex where he manages to settle in and be accepted.

This is a well written book that has a very good plot and a rock solid story-line. The first third of the book is based in London.  We see Leven at 9 years old trying to drive Ruth and Alex away when they want to foster him.  Then with his first boyfriend at 16 years old and the disaster when Sean’s parents find them.   His heartbreak and loss at 18 years old when his adoptive mother dies and then his fear when a mysterious letter arrives and he knows that it will change everything for him.  So we get a great build up for the rest of the book which is set in the Orkney Islands.

The setting that we get for the Orkney Islands is incredible and sets the tone for the rest of the book perfectly; it’s dark, menacing and threatening. It’s as though the very weather with the wind, rain and pounding waves trying to warn Leven that there is danger when he first arrives. What we then get is Leven trying to get to the bottom of a mystery that he has only had a slight hint of and nobody willing or able to help him solve it. As he uncovers the truth he is immersed in Myth and Legend that he finds difficult to believe, but he must if he is going to save not just himself but all the inhabitants of the island. Leven’s relationship with Dom is fraught with difficulty and tension as they both have to learn to trust the other.

A fantastic story that I highly recommend… this is for those who love the paranormal, Myths, danger and an ending that will touch your heart.




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2 thoughts on “Body of Water by Stuart Wakefield

    Stuart Wakefield

    (November 14, 2011 - 3:00 pm)

    Thank you for the great review. This book was a roller coaster of fun to write so I’m pleased that you enjoyed it. The sequel, Memory of Water, will be out in December. Stu 🙂 x


      (November 14, 2011 - 3:50 pm)

      Stuart It was a great book to read 😉 and now I have to wait for the sequel. 🙁 x Really can’t wait as I have read snippets of it and want to know if what I suspect is true.


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