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Hi guys, we have Christopher Hawthorne Moss popping in today with his new release A Fine Bromance, his new transgender young adult story. Christopher also lets us have a peek at an excerpt so check out the post and enjoy! <3 ~Pixie~

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A Fine Bromance


Christopher Hawthorne Moss

When Robby starts his senior year in high school, he meets the new boy, Andy. Although Robby has never been physically attracted to anyone, he instinctively feels comfortable around Andy. As they get to know each other better, Robby realizes Andy is an outsider just like him, and harassment at the hands of the school’s bad boys makes it clear that Andy is a transboy.

When Robby’s eccentric Aunt Ivy finds some of her sentimental treasures missing, the boys put on their sleuthing hats to solve the mystery.

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(In this novel two high school boys are helping Robby’s Aunt Ivy figure out why her many small treasures are going missing.,  At this point the two are taking a break from visiting the scene of the crime.)

Robby thought a change of topic was called for. “So, it’s strange. These things go missing right out from under Aunt Ivy’s nose, then a few weeks later they turn up again. And all Aunt Ivy can say is how annoyed she is that they’re not exactly in the right position when she finds them again.”

Looking around at the items displayed in the kitchen, Andy said, “It’s like someone comes in the house and borrows things, then eventually brings them back.” He thought for a few minutes. “Did you ever read the Borrower series of kids’ books? You know, like The Borrowers, The Borrower Afield, and The Borrowers Aloft. I think there was one more. With Pod and Arrietty—and Homily?”

Robby had poured some loose tea leaves into an infusion ball and now hung it on the inner lid of the teapot. “Oh yeah! I think I read one of them. The boy put a ferret in the mouse hole and the little people had to escape, right?”

“Right. That’s at the end of the book, The Borrowers. The next book is Borrowers Afield. They find a little Borrower boy living in the back garden. And in the final book they move into a little village some guy built so kids would come and pay to see it. It even had a little railroad, I think. They made a TV show of the first one. It had the guy from Green Acres in it.”

Robby poured the boiling water from a kettle into the teapot. “You mean Eddie Albert?” He brought the teapot to the table, then reached into the cabinet for a couple mugs. “Do you take anything in your tea?”

“Yeah, sugar,” Andy supplied, then went on, “Yeah, Eddie Albert. I don’t remember who played the two women. But that’s what they did, the Borrowers, I mean. They would take things for a while from the big people in the house and then later on put them back. Or not.”

The two sat and blew on their cups of tea, eventually taking sips and lost in thought.

Finally Robby broke the silence. “So, you got a girlfriend or anything?” he asked. It occurred to him that he didn’t know very much about his friend.

Andy seemed distracted. “Naw, I’m not sure I’m even a lesbian.”

Robby stared at him. Finally Andy looked up and said, “What?”

Clearing his throat, Robby said, “You said ‘lesbian.’”

Andy suddenly blanched. “Oh my God. I did?”

“Yeah, I’m afraid so.”

With a look like someone with a very sour stomach, Andy shook his head. “Way to out myself, eh?”

Nodding, Robby said, “I kinda guessed, though.”

Andy looked surprised, but then his face cleared. “The jerks in the boys’ john?”


It struck Robby that his sister, Claire, had been acting strangely when she gave the two of them a lift to Aunt Ivy’s.

“So, what’s the correct term these days for, um, guys who were born girls?”  Robby asked tentatively.

Shrugging, Andy replied, “Oh, it changes every few weeks.  I have heard AFAB, which means assigned female at birth but I don’t like that one.  It puts too much emphasis on having been female.  I figure once you transition, you know, have all the surgeries and hormones you are make in all ways except your DNA, so I use FTM if I have to.to explain things, female to male you know.  But why do I need a label at all?  Just call me your friend Andy, a boy.”

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About Christopher

I am a gay transman chock full of stories from history, with a transgender knight, a gay riverboat gambler, you name it. I love how history can lend so many possibilities and at the same time give us a background for our own lives.

I grew up in California, Alaska and Chicago as Nanette Haas  always a writer.  I wrote my first short story at seven, and in my early teens began the stories with a friend that ultimately became AN INVOLUNTARY KING, my first novel.  I married in my  late twenties, but later discovered I am transgender.  That’s when I became Christopher Hawthorne Moss, otherwise known as Kit.  Interestingly, my husband Jim stayed with me and we have now been together over thirty years.

I’ve written all my life, and I have always loved historical fiction, so you will find my stories take place in all eras and locations.  I believe that gay and transgender people have always been among us and that it is up to me as an author to make their lives realistic and, where possible, positive and rewarding.  It is my job to make it credible.  I think with my characters you will find much to identify with.  I hope you do.

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