A History of Trouble by S.J. Himes

S.J. Himes - A History of Trouble 3d Cover 0394jnrn

S.J. Himes - A History of Trouble Cover 0394jnrnTitle: A History of Trouble

Series: The Beacon Hill Sorcerer 03.5

Author: S.J. Himes

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Length: Novella (96 Pages)

Publisher: (February 25, 2019)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Blurb: A collection of brand-new short stories, featuring characters from The Beacon Hill Sorcerer Series by bestselling author SJ Himes.

Red Wine and Blood
The Blood Wars raged for centuries across Boston. Witness a brief glimpse into the brutal history of the Wars with Ignacio Salvatore and the vampire he loves, Ashwin Metcalfe, in 1897.

A History of Trouble
Angel was joking when he asked O’Malley if someone resurrected a mammoth. Little did he know that was exactly what someone did. Experience the untold story of what happened that unfortunate night at the Boston Public Museum.

A Dragon in the City
What happens when Eroch goes adventuring in Beacon Hill without Angel? Chaos, pure chaos.

Fae’s Gold
Daniel is helping the newly-resurrected fae Ruairi Brennan become accustomed to modern-day living. A boring trip to the bank quickly escalates, and Daniel calls Angel for help. The day goes downhill from there but ends in a comfy meal in a pub for an ancient fae warrior and a necromancer’s apprentice.


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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: These are some short little stories that show our favorite couple and a cute familiar in a few different life story. They are the stories that many readers ask for, a little more about the characters, although they do have other charming characters in them.

Red Wine and Blood

Ashwin finds three mages and he knew they were a danger. However even a strong vampire would have trouble fighting them but nope he doesn’t realize till it happens. Thankfully his strong bond with his love, Ignacio comes to his rescue.

A History of Trouble

A group of kids are dead all because they thought it would be fun to raise an animal that has been extinct for many, many years. A mammoth running through the streets as a zombie. Now that would be funny to see, but Angel is sent to send it back.

A Dragon in the City

Eroch had been taken from his family and the cutie finds a new bond with a special man. He does love his bond with Angel but he also loves fried pigeons.

Fae’s Gold

Rory had been in a 200 year old magical coma and now he is trying to make it in the modern world. So Daniel decides to help. Take a large load of gold to the bank to change it in to cash, doesn’t have the reaction that even they thought.

Normally I would give them each a rating but they are all equal. They were a little to short for me but still was fun to read.

I enjoyed hearing about the guys and little Eroch, who is my favorite. O’Malley is an idiot sometimes though. I did love these little tidbits into some of the world we have come to love.