A Modest Proposal by Felicitas Ivey

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Title: A Modest Proposal

Author: Felicitas Ivey

Genre: Science Fiction, Futuristic  

Length: Novella (118pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (28th September 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit/Scorching

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Hagar is the captain of the cargo ship Midgard Serpent. Most of his shipments are legal, but he has a reputation for being an honest smuggler—a reputation that lands him some troublesome cargo. Shibito, an exiled member of the Nipponese imperial family, meets Hagar on Dunmore Station. Keeping his true identity secret, Shibito tells Hagar he’ll do anything to get out of there. Never one to turn down an offer like that, Hagar accepts.

But Shibito doesn’t have just any destination in mind, and Hagar is furious when he discovers that his mysterious passenger has altered their course without telling him. With no way to change course a second time, Hagar has no choice but to trust—and face the temptation of Shibito’s request for some rough handling, a proposal Hagar isn’t sure he can resist.

Review: Shibito was drugged, kidnapped and dumped onto a backward planet at the arse end of the universe.   He escaped and now needs to get off the planet before the military find him.   He finds what he needs at Mama’s bar. Hagar is an honest smuggler, most of his business is legit and Mama is a good friend of his, so when Mama says someone needs a ride he considers it little knowing what he’s let himself in for.

Hagar is like a gentle giant but he can’t seem to control himself around Shibito.  Shibito is worried about how he wants Hagar to treat him as he never had these urges before he was drugged. I thought that the storyline was quite good and the plot was sound.  I especially liked that there was a power-hungry Emperor, Kogon.  I liked the idea that in the future the human race divides up the universe into sectors that were like countries i.e. American/European Settled Space, The Russian Collective, Scandinavian Cooperative and Asian Sector. This story also has a Yaoi flavor to it which works quite well.

The way the two men seem to be drawn together is good and it’s not instant love.  It’s hot, hard, passionate, intense sex and neither man seems able to get enough of the other.  The story is also left open so the two men can rescue other victims of the Emperor Kogon.  Maybe more stories with the progression of their relationship (I can and will beg and plead :-)).

I will recommend this to those who enjoy science fiction, futuristic, space romps, secrets hidden, scorching hot sex and a D/s flavor to the sex and some angry passionate dubious consent.


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    (November 5, 2011 - 10:17 pm)

    I read this last month and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope that there are more stories to come too!

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