A Shared Range by Andrew Grey

ASharedRangeLGTitle:  A Shared Range

Series:  Stories from the Range book 1

Author:  Andrew Grey

Genre:   M/M Romance

Length:  Novel (208 pages)

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (September 20th, 2010)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   After a year in medical school, Dakota Holden returned home to take care of the family business full-time and help his father cope with multiple sclerosis. Devoted to his family, Dakota allows himself just one week of vacation a year, which he spends in some exotic location having all the fun he can stand. On his last vacation, a cruise, Dakota struck up a friendship with Phillip Reardon, and it fills an important role in Dakota’s life. So when Phillip decides to take Dakota up on his invitation to visit the ranch, Dakota is happy to see him and meet his veterinarian friend, Wally Schumacher. Despite Wally’s inclination to help the wolves Dakota’s men shoot to protect the cattle, he and Dakota find they have a lot in common, including a fierce attraction. But they’ll have to decide if the Wyoming range is big enough for Dakota’s cattle, Wally’s wolves, and their love

Product Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=1987

Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Save a horse, ride a cowboy!!  Dakota Holden is a devoted family man and a promising MD.  His father’s illness forces him to leave medical school and come home to not only take care of his ailing father, but his family’s beloved ranch as well.  He hides his sexuality from everyone close to him, allowing himself an annual vacation to just be himself.  It’s during his most recent vaca that he met Phillip.  Fast friends and convenient lovers, Phillip decides to take Dakota up on an offer to visit him at the Ranch.

Wally Schumacher is a vibrant, openly gay, spitfire of a man.  The recently graduated Vet, and Phillips best friend, decides to join him on his trip to the Ranch.  He’s intensely attracted to Dakota pretty much from their first meeting, but Dakota is still hiding his sexuality, and therefore fights his mutual attraction to Wally.

As the story progresses so does the relationship between Dakota and Wally. Dakota’s devotion to his father, friends and the ranch are evident. His internal struggle with his growing feelings for Wally and how his father and friends will perceive him is conveyed so well by Grey, it’s almost heartbreaking. Both men are driven by a need to do the right thing, but what happens when what one considers right, conflicts with the other man’s version? Is the open range enough space for Wally and Dakota to share a life, openly be together and still stay true to their individuality?

Shared Range is a love story at heart with lots of action and content to keep any reader interested.  The backdrop of Wyoming is perfectly depicted by Grey, as well as the struggles each character goes through to get where they are by the end.  The dangerously descriptive sex scenes were oh so juicey and Grey managed to make it not just about the sex, but about the love Dakota and Wally share as well.