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Hi guys! We have Don Travis popping in today with his new release Abaddon’s Locusts, we have a brilliant exclusive excerpt and a fantastic $10 DSPP GC giveaway, so check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤ ~Pixie~ p.s. keep an eye out for Lisa’s review coming soon!

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Abaddon’s Locusts

(BJ Vinson Mystery 05)

Don Travis

When B. J. Vinson, confidential investigator, learns his young friend, Jazz Penrod, has disappeared and has not been heard from in a month, he discovers some ominous emails. Jazz has been corresponding with a “Juan” through a dating site, and that single clue draws BJ and his significant other, Paul Barton, into the brutal but lucrative world of human trafficking.

Their trail leads to a mysterious Albuquerquean known only as Silver Wings, who protects the Bulgarian cartel that moves people—mostly the young and vulnerable—around the state to be sold into modern-day slavery, sexual and otherwise. Can BJ and Paul locate and expose Silver Wings without putting Jazz’s life in jeopardy? Hell, can they do so without putting themselves at risk? People start dying as BJ, Paul, and Henry Secatero, Jazz’s Navajo half-brother, get too close. To find the answer, bring down the ring, and save Jazz, they’ll need to locate the place where human trafficking ties into the Navajo Nation and the gay underground.

Warning: Kidnapping, Internet targeting, Human trafficking, Drug addiction, Sex trafficking,

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Exclusive Excerpt!

from chapter one

I turned off the stove and opened the door to reveal a tall raven-haired Navajo with high cheekbones. It took a moment to recognize the good-looking guy. “Henry Secatero, as I live and breathe.”

His deep voice came up out of his nether regions. “Wasn’t sure you’d remember me.”

“How could I forget the guys who helped me solve a case. Is Jazz with you?” His quick frown told me he was about to deliver bad news. “Come on in.”

We settled in the den with a couple of jiggers of Scotch. He laid what appeared to be a sleeve for a laptop computer on the floor beside his chair and took a sip before speaking. “Jazz is gone.”

“Gone?” My hand tightened on the rocks glass halfway to my mouth. That free spirit was too young and lively to be… gone. “You mean—”

“Naw, not bit the dust. Just disappeared. Poof. And that ain’t like Jazz.”

Jasper Penrod, who’d dubbed himself Jazz as soon as he was old enough, was Henry’s mixed-blood half-brother. The two helped me solve a case I mentally called the Bisti Business up in the Four Corners area three years ago.

I rubbed my chin, trying to recall what I knew of Jazz’s situation. “Are you sure? Way I understand it, he spends some of his time on the Navajo Reservation and some in Farmington. Hard to keep track of him.”

“Yeah, he bounces around, but he don’t go outa touch for long. He calls me regular-like. If he can’t reach me on my cell, he leaves a message at the chapter house. I didn’t get worried until I saw his uncle Riley in Farmington and found out Jazz hadn’t called him or his mother either. Been three… four weeks since anybody heard from him.”

“Do you have any idea why?”

“Not sure, but this might have something to do with it.” Henry leaned over and picked up the canvas case. He hesitated after pulling out an Acer laptop computer. “Man, I sure hate to show you this.”

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BJ Vinson Mysteries series!

BJ Vinson, a gay former-Marine, ex-cop licensed private investigator tries to pick his cases carefully, but prior loyalties or his sense of justice or something always gets in his way. He finds himself traveling all over his beloved state of New Mexico with his companion Paul Barton to mend other people’s problems.

The Zozobra Incident (book 01)

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The Bisti Buisness (book 02)

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The City of Rocks (book 03)

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The Lovely Pines (book 04)

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About Don!

My characters are much more interesting than I am. I grew up in Oklahoma, a tubercular kid who had no idea how much the disease affected my life until later. Because of it, I grew up in the library, not the ball fields. It wasn’t until the Army that I found I could do what anyone else my age could do. But by that time, the die was set. I grew up reading books, so I would end up writing books.

I wrote—and sold—some sixty short stories under a pseudonym before I tried my first novel. When I penned The Zozobra Incident, I didn’t intend it to be a series. But BJ and Paul kept coming back and knocking on my door and demanding to be let out again. So I wrote The Bisti Business where we first meet Jazz and Henry. When I understood what was happening, I decided to make my beautiful adopted state of New Mexico a second protagonist in my stories and pray that I do her justice. Each book in the series is set is a different part of the state. The City of Rocks explores the Boot Heel country, while The Lovely Pines looks at the wine country northwest of Albuquerque. Abaddon ranges over the Four Corners area and several places on the Navajo Reservations.

I give back to my community by participating in SouthWest Writers, New Mexico’s largest professional literary association and by teaching a writing course called Wordwrights at the North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center in Albuquerque.

I’d like to share my mantra: Keep on reading. Keep on writing. You have something to say… so say it.

Blog | Email: dontravis21@gmail | Facebook | Twitter

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