Abraxas's Redemption by Leontii Holender

Title: Abraxas’s Redemption

Series: Devil Enchained 02

Author: Leontii Holender

Genre: Fantasy, Demon

Length: Novella (141pgs)

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand Publishing (27th June 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Abraxas Hadean has never been anything other than a warrior. He is one of the princes of Rausol and youngest of the three Hadean brothers. He’s lived a life of privilege that he has filled with his own miscreant adventures.

His whole world comes to a crashing end when he is killed, sent to the underworld, and put toe-to-toe with a demon from his nightmares. Svel Rosilin is surly, dominating, and everything that Abraxas dreamed about. Yet, the underworld is no place for a fledgling love to begin.

With the threat of a usurper looming over their love, Svel and Abraxas must travel across the Underworld in search of answers to their fate. What they find is cryptic news, a harsh answer, and a threat that will surely tear them apart. Svel and Abraxas must do everything they can to keep hell itself from ripping apart their love of a lifetime.

Purchase Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/abraxass-redemption

Review: Abraxas has been haunted in his dreams by a demon. A demon that is everything that Abraxas has ever wanted and when he is killed and sent to the underworld Svel (the demon he dreams of) is the one he turns to. Svel has been plagued by a human for weeks in his sleep and now that human’s soul has washed up on the shores of Amaia, in the underworld. The connection between them is strong and the Fates play their hand, but do Svel and Abraxas have the strength and love to face their future together and survive?

This is an incredibly imaginative novella that is vivid in its descriptions and passionate in its loving. Abraxas is a warrior and faces the underworld like any warrior would, head held high and fear hidden deep. he accepts the hand that is dealt to him and the new opportunity that is pointed his way. Meeting the demon that has haunted his dreams eases him some and him and his demon fall in love, but an enemy comes out of the shadows and Svel and Abraxas have to face the Fates. But, the enemy refuses to play by the rules and Abraxas soul hangs in the balance.

Okay, before we go any further, I want to give you a warning that if you haven’t a strong stomach then read with caution because some of the descriptions are vivid and disgusting and that is just the Titan’s (four overlords of the underworld). Leontii Holender has given us a vivid look at the underworld, with incredible descriptions, a great storyline and a hectic journey. We are given a full picture of the surroundings and pitfalls that Abraxas and Svel face and it is a miracle that they managed to fall in love and stay together with everything that is chucked at them.

Abraxas and Svel face danger to be together and to stop an enemy from destroying Svel. They both risk everything to love the other and they are both willing to give up everything for the other. When these two are together, you could cut the air with a knife because of the attraction and wan, they are very passionate and erotic and yes, there is an element of D/s and slight BDSM, but it is a demon thing. The sex is hot, erotic and passionate but there are elements of love and they need that love for what is to come.

So, this story has a lot going for it, demons, Titans, a perilous journey across the underworld, incredible descriptions, a demon and human soul falling in love, the Fate’s, the demon Queen, an enemy bent on destruction, hot sex and an ending that is great. So, really what are you waiting for?

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