Alpha Academy by A.Y. Venona

51-6H0SDmcL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Alpha Academy

Series: The Omega Curse #1

Author: A.Y. Venona

Genre: Paranormal Action/Adventure

Length: 218 pages

Publisher: A.Y. Verona (April 2, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: Daniel Saga’s life is about to change forever. At age eighteen, the next full moon will bring his first shift into wolf form. Daniel comes from a long line of Betas, and his fervent prayer is that he not disappoint his family. But in the world where there are several types of werekin, there is a likelihood that he may end up a gamma, an omicron, or his worst fear—an omega. He is certain that becoming an alpha is not an option for him. Or is it?

Delvin Kish is an instructor in Alpha Academy, the elite institution where all alpha werekin throughout the seven realms must attend for three years upon reaching adulthood. Although lonely since the death of his mate, he loves the life he’s built, guiding younger alphas in the skills and temperament needed to live out their alpha creed.

In this first book of The Omega Curse series, a surprising turn of events places Daniel under Delvin’s tutelage, and sparks fly as the young man strives to discover his true self. In the company of his childhood best friend and new werekin comrades in the academy, he faces adventure as well as danger in the form of alpha adversaries angered by his presence in their exclusive club, and even the threat of death at the hands of unknown outside forces.

ISBN: 978-1-31038-623-7

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This is A.Y. Verona’s debut novel. Most times I am not one to even look at a new author because I always seem to notice the problems right off the start. However the title caught my attention. Anything paranormal and with the word academy always makes them seem more interesting to me.

Although I have to admit the cover was not my choice of covers, it didn’t give me a warm feeling at all. However whatever apprehensive thoughts at reading a new authors work, went out the window the moment I started reading this story.

This story has a new and fresh look at the paranormal and fantasy world. It is a very hot little story but has some interesting twists to it. It does have a bit more description to it that I felt like could have been left out though. It seemed just a bit long-winded in some parts of it, but not enough to take my attention away from the story though. My attention had been caught from the start and kept all the way to the end.

The shifter world in this book has a different way of telling if a wolf is an Alpha, Beta, Gamma or Omega. The females are not called Omegas, but the boys are .

There is also different types of Omegas, it would seem. Now after figuring out which cubs are Alpha, Beta and so forth, then they are sent off to different academies to learn about what it will be like to be them. The problem is male Omegas are not given scholarships to go.

Daniel was from a long line of Betas, so when he is told that he is an Omega, he is a bit afraid. He wanted to go to school, but it would look like he might never get the chance. The lower ranking usually gets the lower jobs. That is until the Alpha Academy wants an Omega. The only light is his best friend is an Alpha and also is going there.

Delvin is the instructor at the Academy. He has lost his mate some time ago. So when he is given Daniel to help, he is not in the best mood. He loved his mate and has been lonely, but he also knows that he loves the life he has built up.

These two are very hot together. He knows that the moment Daniel shows up, the sparks start flying around. That is not the only thing flying around. He knows Daniel will make friends as well as bring attention to himself. He will face many obstacles, but Delvin had not expected someone to start making death threats.

I had a lot of fun reading this story and can’t wait to read the next book in this brand new series. This author’s first book has been a hit with me. I loved the way the book just seemed to flow and the story line rocked. The characters were beautifully written and fully developed.

This is one new author that I would definitely recommend checking out.

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