Azrael and the Light Bringer by Eric Arvin

18329717Title: Azrael and the Light Bringer

Series: Valley Book, 02

Author: Eric Arvin

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Length: Novel (360 pages)

Publisher: August 14th 2013 by Wilde City Press

Heat Level: None

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Blurb: Welcome to the Valley, a liminal landscape that lies somewhere in the fringes of the world; a place with such secret magic that only the very observant can see it. Into this world comes the Lone family. To them, the magic of the Valley is not at first apparent, at least not to all. But the youngest son Lucifer is the most open to the river’s pulse. He converses with the trees and an angel named Azrael, all the while being taught by the midwife Mother True to hone his talents. Meanwhile, Lucifer’s older brother Uriel rejects the valley altogether and, with the help of his lover—a raft boy named Roman—flees the place only to be caught up in the corrupt big city world of a Madame named Ute Dragal.

And so begins a tale of wonder and danger, filled with a cast of characters ranging from the strong to the stoic to the sinister, in a place where a dark power awaits them all. Venture again to the Valley in this prequel to Eric Arvin’s acclaimed epic The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men.

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This was a difficult book to read. At first, it was of a child who had such a gift to talk to trees, but then to find out that he had been killed, by a demon sort. Azrael was there to help him cross over, but he refuses. He spends time with Azrael talking about the story his brother told him, the preacher, his mother, and father. Azrael is an angel like no other. If you like, angels then you will definitely like Azrael.

This story is not only about how Azrael and Lucifer decided to stop evil about the lives of so many other characters. So much evil and darkness throughout the book and one special angel and spirit of a young child to fight it. It has a wonderful story line and great characters, but I just couldn’t really get into it.