Baily’s Ninth Life by Stephani Hecht

Title: Baily’s Ninth Life

Series: Lost Shifters 34

Author: Stephani Hecht

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy

Length: Novella (99 Pages)

Publisher: Stephani Hecht (January 22, 2019)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Blurb: Baily learned to distrust other shifters through their treatment of him. As a Housecat shifter, he’s not exactly the strongest shifter. To compensate, he’s become one of best soldiers for the Coalition. He’s made a place for himself with friends but he doesn’t truly believe they won’t turn on him.
Caden learned to distrust other shifters from birth. His grandfather taught him and his brother to avoid all Packs, Clowders, and Coalitions no matter what. All those lessons will be challenged when a stray cat claims a spot in his bar and maybe his heart.
Together, Baily and Caden, must re-learn the lessons of their lives. That not all shifters are against them. A trip with the leadership of the Coalition to a secret cabin might be the turning point. That maybe they can believe in other shifters, each other, and love.


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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Lost Shifters collection features a new romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order.

Housecats are so shifty, sneaky and they don’t trust many. Which makes them a favorite of mine. Baily is one cutie in his cat form but he is also deadly in his own way. Which is a kick for him since he feels that many see him as weak. However he is a soldier for the Coalition and has found a home. When captured he escapes and seeks refuge in a bar full of shifters, but here is the problem. He can’t shift back to his human form.

Caden and his brother own a very nice bar that has quite a bit of sifters coming him but not many know they are shifters. When a stray finds his way in and seems to want to stay, well you can imagine Caden’s expression. Imagine his expression when he finds out that the cat he is starting to care for is actually a shifter.

There were some small problems that I found in the story, however it didn’t take the story away from me. It does need some good proofreading and editing, but I know which direction the story was going so I still had a blast reading it. Talk about snarky shifters, these guys have it in spades. Exciting and danger filled is just a bit of what I got in this book and so much more. I love this world and was quite surprised when this book came out. I had thought for sure that the series had stopped for awhile. I was glad that I was wrong.

I had a blast reading this and can’t wait to read the next book. I can guarantee that this will be one of those stories that will be read many times over.