Bishop by A.E. Via

A.E. Via - Bishop 3d Cover fnr ejq833

A.E. Via - Bishop Cover s bnjk83Title: Bishop

Series: A True Lover’s Story 01

Author: A.E. Via

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (336pgs)


Publisher: Via Star Wing Books (27th September 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: At only thirty-two, Bishop Stockley has lived a hard-knock life. His gang was his family, the streets his home. Until the crew he’d always called his brothers betrayed him. After doing five years in a federal prison, Bishop is back at his dad’s trailer and working for his landscaping company, thrust into a legit world where he’s no longer the alpha—a world where a criminal record is the least of his disadvantages, because Bishop can’t read or write. Illiteracy had never been an obstacle for him on the streets, he didn’t need to know how to read Moby Dick to survive, he needed to know how to read people… and that was a hustle he’d learned hard and fast. Now, he had to change his life.

Bishop’s only support system was a young, inexperienced dad who’d insisted he call him Mike all their life—since they looked more like brothers than father and son. And his hot-tempered, childhood, best friend from ’juvie, Trent. Bishop already had the deck stacked against him, but he wasn’t afraid of hard work to change his situation, and he did want to change. Especially after he encountered Edison Scala, a kind-spirited office manager who didn’t hesitate to come to his defense… a man that saw past Bishop’s grass-stained coveralls. A man who wasn’t intimidated by his stern features and his silence.

Edison hadn’t grown up the way most of his peers had. He’d been raised by a single father who’d owned an old-fashioned barber shop where Edison was taught how to not only shave with a straight razor, and shine shoes, but also how to treat others, to not judge, to be a gentleman, to be respectful and speak without profanity. But, the biggest lesson he’d learned, was to always be himself. His lack of friends and a social life wasn’t his fault. No matter how much weight he gained, no matter how many times his staff called him a square, Edison did not need to change.

Bishop knew Edison was off-limits. He’d made personal vows to himself when he was released from prison, ones that he never intended to break. But, when Edison asked him about providing landscaping services at his home, there was no way he could refuse. He hadn’t expected Edison to feed him, praise him, encourage him, and look at him the way he did—as if Bishop was somebody. Mike and Trent warned him not to mix business with pleasure and he didn’t intend to.

No multiple pairings. No cliffhangers. Ends with a very, very HFN.
This book is a M/M contemporary romance, a hardened man’s struggle to find real love. There are no police chases or doors being kicked in, in this one. But, don’t worry. Bishop is still intense enough to keep you on the edge.

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Review: Recently released from prison Bishop has turned his life around with the help of his father Mike, Trent his best friend has been by his side from childhood and Bishop is determined that neither of them will fall back into the old ways. Working at his dad’s landscaping company gives Bishop options he’s never had before and meeting a man at one of the job sites changes his life further, making Bishop determined to tackle his illiteracy.

Edison has worked hard for his position in the company he works in and while he is lonely he isn’t about to change himself for others. Meeting Bishop has him longing for something he’s never had before, and Bishop’s past isn’t something that will turn Edison away from him.

This is an amazing story that kept me reading. This story isn’t like A.E. Via’s exciting action packed stories, it’s a slow burn love story with two amazing regular men. Each man has his issues and they handle them in different ways.

Bishop has confidence in himself in some aspects but in others he’s unsure and outright scared, Edison is confident in his work life but his social life is a total disaster and that includes his interaction with work colleagues. Each man alone struggles through their issues but together they find the confidence to tackle their problems.

God, when I started reading his book I had my doubts because just contemporary isn’t my thing, I like danger and action, angst and anger thrown in but this time around A.E. Via snatched my attention and made me enjoy it with her amazing writing skills and her wonderful characters.

A.E. Via hit straight to my heart with Bishop and Edison because although Bishop is built and hunky with a dash of danger Edison could be any man on the street with a bit of a paunch and his love of food. While Edison has had a great childhood and has a wonderful job that he loves Bishop has had a much different childhood with a very young dad who treated him like a brother and his education was on the streets.

I loved how A.E. didn’t have Edison on a diet, working out to lose weight, she had Edison loving himself and accepting that he wasn’t a stick thin model. Bishop is written as a man who admits his mistakes and is honest from the beginning with Edison but his fear of admitting his biggest secret was touching and so damn real.

The way that Bishop’s struggles were written was so touching, it wasn’t brushed over or made to seem like a simple solution was at hand, it also showed how Mike, Bishop’s dad, and his best friend Trent had his back and helped him in any way that they can. Mike and Trent are amazing and I can’t wait to see more of both of them in the future.

The relationship between Bishop and Edison is slow burn and amazing, these two together finding their way is wonderful, I loved watching as they fell in love and sorted out their relationship which does have a couple of hiccups along the way. The way that Edison sticks up for his love for Bishop is something to aspire to have, an unending belief in the love that you have where doubts can’t crawl in is just special.

If I could I’d give this book 10 hearts, it’s a fantastic love story that doesn’t skimp on character building or make Bishop and Edison super confident, it doesn’t make them perfect men or have them sorting problems with a quick fix. It has them facing twisted meddling with fears and doubts, it has them confronting back stabbers with quiet confidence, and while they’d love to take things into their own hands they know when to step back and let others do their jobs.

I recommend this to those who adore true love stories with wonderful characters, dealing with bitter men with quiet confidence, and working to overcome their problems without quick fixes. Those readers who are expecting danger and action will be disappointed but you just might fall in love with Bishop and Edison anyway.