Bloody Kiss by Mell Eight

18329498Title: Bloody Kiss

Series:  Proud to Be A Vampire

Author: Mell Eight

Genre: Paranormal / Vampire

Length:  Novella (17K)

Publisher: Less Than Three Press (October 9th, 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:Lis had been enjoying his school trip to Egypt until a statue came to life and drank his blood. Back home in Boston, nothing feels or tastes or smells quite the same, he’s plagued by strange dreams, and has a craving that nothing seems to satisfy—until the statue shows up again.

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Review: Lis was on a school trip to Egypt when he fell into a crevice and landed on a large statue. He was so thankful the statue broke his fall to death he kissed the finger of the lovely statue and thanked it for saving him. The Statue comes to life, and he falls into blackness. Waking up heading home things become very different and he finds things aren’t what he always thought after telling his best friend Jass about his new dreams.

This was a different type of story. I have mixed feelings about it. The story line is good. There isn’t a lot of emotion involved. I found it a bit skippy going from dream to reality with no warning. I think it needed to be longer and more story after Cey arrived.

If you like witches, and vampires you may like this story.

Reviewer: Thommie Heart Rating: 3 Hearts

Review: I liked this story a lot. I enjoyed it most of it and the fact that it was so romantic without being sappy was a great bonus.

The plot was a peculiar one, I haven’t often seen Vampires mixed with Witches in such a balanced way. Cey was a vampire created by the sheer ignorance of his Master. Instead of acquiring himself a human servant as he initially wished for, Cey’s old Master accidentally created a vampire. A big mistake at that. After a series of events best left for you to read Cey got himself cursed by witches. However permanent the spell was though, one of the witches gave him a window. He’d be free from the curse if he’d willingly been given a bloody kiss and in thanks at that. What are the possibilities of that ever happening especially since he was hidden away where no one would ever find him.

Enter Lis, a college studen on a school trip to Egypt to study The pyramids and the ancient majestic art. The valley of the Dead at his feet and he manages to fall through a hole into abyss. He should have died in there if not for a huge statue that prevented his fall and he got away with only a few scratches and drops of blood. Now who among you would even contemplate to kiss said statue in thanks..?

Oh now, you see how it goes from there. It was lovely indeed. I got better as the story went. I loved this setting, I loved the characters, I loved Lis’ best friend and his grandma too. The whole idea was very enticing and I read this in one go nonstop.

Now, in all honesty, this was a bit tame for a Vamp story, especially one so vicious and blood lusty as Cey was painted to be. The end also left me a bit unsatisfied there. The old manners Cey had were acceptable, but I expected more out of modern Lis, than that flowerly reply in the end. Yes, I saw the necessity of his mannerism there, but still. There were also feelings of a non-disclosure left behind. Had me wonder will the author come back with a sequel for this or was this done?

In the whole I liked the story though despite the fact that I wanted more. Quite a romantic read for the romantic fans of the genre.