Chasing the Rainbow by Kade Boehme

91QLN6738ZL._SL1500_Title: Chasing the Rainbow
Series: N/A
Author: Kade Boehme
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel (222 pages)
Publisher: Kade Boehme (May 14th 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: Bobby Gugino realized he may have met the man of his dreams in Jody Olsen, only neither of them were gay, so far as Bobby knew. But when Jody came out and ended his marriage, Bobby’s entire worldview was skewed, and his own health issues lead to his own coming out. Fast forward four years and Bobby runs into Jody again, but Bobby may be too busy making up for lost time to see how great they are together.

Jody Olsen’s got guilt and mommy issues, but his coming out was smooth and his life had settled into a mundane pattern of kissing frogs while waiting for prince charming and helping run his mother’s book store in New York’s East Village. When Bobby comes bumbling back into his life with a surprising shared passion for the written word and an endearing love for sugary Frappuccino, Jody can’t help but be quickly swept up by the man.

The struggle to be patient with Bobby and his being unsure about being committed to someone is not an easy one. Does Jody hope for his happy ever after with Bobby, or is the lure of chasing the rainbow too much to fight against?

Includes a fresh-faced divorcee with his nose in romance novels and his heart in the clouds, a thirty-something fresh out of the closet, chasing a missed youth and trying to find his place in the big gay world he’d missed out on… and a little dirty suit sex.

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Reviewer: Tams

Review: Jody Olsen is still on the heels of his divorce and finally coming clean about his sexuality. He has a job he loves as the manager of his family’s book store and a great apartment. The only thing missing is a man to call his own. As luck would have it, a happy circumstance brings the perfect guy into Jody’s life. But it isn’t without complications.

Bobby Gugino is fresh off a break-up with his long-term girlfriend after coming clean about his sexuality as well when he gives an old acquaintance a ride home and the game changes. Bobby is tall, dark, handsome, successful and smart… everything Jody wants in a man. But while Bobby actively pursues Jody, he also struggles with the possibility of being tied down to one person.

The story is told from alternating POV between Bobby and Jody and I quite liked that aspect of the story. It was nice to see a certain situation from the mind of each character, the action and the reaction.

I also liked that they had the common ground of coming out later in life, so there wasn’t any angst or issues with that, they’d each experienced it and moved on. What I loved most about the story was how as Bobby and Jody grew closer as a couple, they each became stronger individuals. When faced with some possibly devastating news, they made it through by sticking together.

There were a few mistakes here and there, misspelled or misplaced words and I’m pretty sure there was a name swap once, but I thoroughly enjoyed the overall feel of the book.

A little bit sexy and just a fun read.