Chilled Champagne by Ana Raine

2116Title: Chilled Champagne

Series:  The Agency, 01

Author: Ana Raine

Genre:  Erotic Romance

Length: Novella (60 pages)

Publisher: Changeling Press (September 12th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥ 2 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:Micah’s job as a host is to be whatever his clients want him to be and he loves it — especially because pretending to be someone else is better than remembering what he’s running from.

Mr. Daniel Hart, a client who had been expecting a female host is suddenly thrown into Micah’s world and won’t stop exploring until he knows Micah’s secrets.

Unable to stay away from Daniel, Micah continues to return to high society functions and is therefore reminded of the terrible scar on his chest and the man who gave it to him. Micah wants nothing more than to belong to the artistic Daniel, but being with him could mean having to face his dangerous past.

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Review: Micah is a paid escort. He is hired to accompany Mr Hart. The blurb pretty much says all I can without giving spoilers.

I truly hate to say I didn’t care much for this story. The blurb sounded good and I had good expectations at least for a good love story. I was sadly disappointed.  I didn’t feel that the story was consistent at all. It starts out with Micah on a paid job and a client wanting to have sex. Micah says he doesn’t do that and doesn’t. The client wants to see him again and Micah says no. The next day he is sent on a date by the agency and the man Mr Hart, sees him and is surprised he expected a girl but  doesn’t seem to mind at all, they get in the limo and  end up doing blow jobs in the  limo,. Ok, so there goes his not putting out for clients and he had said he hasn’t had sex in a long time. Both people are head-over heels. Already and they barely spoke? Even most insta-love there is a bit more to it. Then there is his ominous past. This eluded me to a mystery. All I will say is I was once again let down. There are several more inconsistencies and contradictions galore, but I won’t give away the entire story.

If you like, stories of paid escorts, artists, art shows, hot sex and love at first sight you may like this.