Conquer the Flames by Ariel Tachna

ConquerTheFlamesLGTitle: Conquer the Flames

Series:  Lang Downs, Book 4

Author: Ariel Tachna

Genre: Western/Cowboys/Contemporary

Length: Novel (254 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (September 27th, 2013)

Heat Level: Mild but Intense!

Heart Rating:

Blurb: Sequel to Outlast the Night
Lang Downs: Book Four

Thorne Lachlan knows a thing or two about getting himself safely out of a blaze. For years, he fought in the world’s hot spots, a Commando with the Australian Army. Now, retired, he fights flames for the Royal Fire Service. When a grassfire brings him to Lang Downs, the next sheep station in danger, Thorne meets Ian Duncan and sparks fly that neither man can put out. But both men have ghosts from the past that stand in the way of moving beyond mutual attraction.

While Thorne longs for the home he could share with Ian at Lang Downs, he fears his own instability might make him a danger to others. And Ian’s always believed that the foster care nightmare he escaped before coming to Lang Downs would make any relationship impossible. Trust doesn’t come easily to Thorne or Ian until the fire’s aftermath forces them to see past the scars keeping them both from healing.

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Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: I read a lot of hot and steamy, explicit books, and sometimes I wonder if I’m becoming desensitized. It’s nice to be reminded that intense passion and intimacy does not have to include that level of sexual exposure. This book was very refreshing and reawakened my sensitivity to more subtle images. Two very damaged men, an ex-commando and an isolated victim of childhood sexual abuse and rape, both suffering from PTSD, find their way to each other. This book explores different meanings of family, the ones we’re born with, the ones that grow on us and the ones we choose. Also definitions of home come up, from a childhood home, home on a frontline in war zones and fire zones, to finding a new home and not just in buildings but in men’s hearts.

Thorne and Ian both experience risk and rescue, protecting people and places important to them, but they are also held back by trying to protect each other from themselves.
The slow intimate explorations from a chaste kiss, to the touch of fingers along sensitive spots like inner wrist, nape and ear, all that slow buildup is so moving! I was spellbound! The description of Thorne’s beard against Ian’s cheek, simple pleasures were so well written and placed. Sometimes, okay a lot of times, we skip past the details that make experiences truly unforgettable in life. Foreplay can be whole play if you take the time to enjoy each sensation. This part of the story was wonderfully written. Kudos to Ariel for her achievement in that.

The fact the both partners realized they needed to get help to get better and heal, not just for each other but also for themselves was a great moral in this story. So many people don’t seek help, too proud or too scared, and it is the downfall of their relationships and often their lives.

A great book, one of the best in this series. This story is part of Lang Downs for sure, but there is no need to read in order, it could easily stand-alone. I do, however, recommend reading the back list if you haven’t already!

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