Little Boss by Shawn Bailey

b51ce0cc41309c7970ad6f324b8b48a7.image.300x450Title: Little Boss

Series:  Tokyo Host Club, Book 2

Author: Shawn Bailey

Genre: Romantic Suspense with D/s elements
Length: Novel (173 pages)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (September 28th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:

Blurb: Exotic dancer Kasey Donovan witnesses a crime and can identify one of the culprits after the guy holds a gun to Kasey’s head and uses him as a shield to escape the police. To top off the week, the man ends up becoming the new owner of Club Taurus, the host club where Kasey works. Nagi Takamori, son of a Yakuza crime boss, runs into trouble when he tries to collect a debt for the organization. He gets out of the situation by using a blond-haired, blue-eyed stranger as his shield to escape. Nagi, also known as Little Boss, is raised to believe the best kind of witness is a dead one, but when he discovers his savior works in a newly acquired club, he comes up with a better alternative and makes Kasey his lover.

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Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: The publishers put this book under the genre of comedy/crime, but I found nothing funny about it. It was mainly about an exotic dancer becoming a questionably willing sexual partner to a crime boss. One he knew had violent tendencies and had earlier held him at gunpoint during a gang confrontation. Kasey is kind of like a male Geisha but not as classy: dancing, being eye-candy, performing for, and entertaining rich men. I think the books interest lies in the fascination of gang life, mafia style, and living on the edge. Giving a more human story to sex workers and mob bosses.

In the end Kasey and his best friend leave the crime life and clean themselves up, but Kasey comes back to Nagi. I’m a bit confused; maybe this should be fantasy genre instead. Or Yaoi? There are some pretty steamy scenes, so maybe it does fall a bit into BDSM, too. Little Boss was entertaining, but could have been more.

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